Women's Fund Helps Provide Essentials for Domestic Violence Shelter

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Women's Fund of South Central Kentucky awarded it's first annual impact grant of $51,000 to the Barren River Area Safe Space shelter last fall for all they do to benefit women and children.

"We provide emergency shelter to women and children who are fleeing from their abuser. They can stay there as long as they need to get back on their feet and access safe housing," said BRASS Executive Director Lee Alcott.

To do that with a constant demand for services, they realized they need more essentials.

"We realized we really needed another bathroom. We only have two, which isn't alot when you have 28 to 36 people in a shelter, and we wanted to build an ADA handicap accessible bathroom," said Alcott.

Alcott says what's left will be spent on purchasing new furniture for the shelter.

"If you can imagine 340 women and children going through the shelter in one year, it's alot of wear and tear on what we have," said Alcott.

The Women's Fund chairperson says they gained more than money from the fund.

"What I hear most from Lee, is what it's done for them just as an organization with awareness. She told me thay had never had an issue with people wanting to be on their board, but now they have a waiting list for people to be on their board. We may not know what all they're doing for our community, and it's a way for us to highlight those to a group of women that can say, even if they were not the grant winner they wanted, they can say well that's something I really want to be involved in personally," said Women's Fund of South Central Kentucky Chair Shannon Vitale.

Having selected a contractor, BRASS is now raising funds to match the Women's Fund in order to add another bedroom and expand their laundry room. Vitale says the fund is currently recruiting new members and donations for this year's impact grant. For more information on the Women's Fund of South Central Kentucky, and Barren River Area Safe Space, see the related links.

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