Woodburn Fire Department Expanding

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- The Woodburn Volunteer Fire Department serves southern Warren County and responds to more than 300 calls a year. In order to keep up with the demand, fire officials say they must grow.

"What it is, is a 60x60 addition to the station. It's going to have 3 bays and allow us to move our trucks and expand our fleet into the new addition," Chief, Bob Skipper said.

The department plans to use the existing building for additional purposes.

"It will also allow us to free up this building to be used as an office, training center and meeting space which currently we have very limited resources for that," Assistant Chief, Chris Krohn, said.

This improvement could also help the community by saving them money.

"Well, one of the first steps to improving our ISO rating, which we hope to test toward the end of next year. If we can lower that rating, then homeowners should see break on their homeowner's insurance," Skipper said.

Department officials say they have strategized and saved for a couple of years.

"We've looked for a long time about how we're going to do it and we finally got to the point where we felt like the best thing for us to do was to fund it ourselves," Krohn said.

But, regardless, this project won't be cheap.

"It's going to cost a little under $200,000. The fire department is paying for it, but we've been working closely with Warren County and realizing some savings by working through them. Even though we're paying for it, we've been able to realize some cost savings, so we could put up more with less money," Skipper said.

Construction began a couple months ago, and the project is expected to be completed by mid-October.

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