Work Begins on New Roundabout at University Blvd. and Nashville Rd.

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO)-- The first steps toward construction of the roundabout at the intersection of Nashville Rd. and University Blvd. are underway.

It's a project that's been discussed for more than a year, and this week, the first signs of construction were visible.

"Right now it's just mostly utility work going on in that area. It started last weekend. AT&T was doing some work out there, and there will be other utility stuff going on... water.. sewer... things like that over the next few months that people will notice,"said KYTC Dept. of Highways District 3 Public Information Officer Wes Watt.

The work to create the city's first two-lane roundabout may cause some inconvenience for those living nearby, and for those traveling on University Blvd., Nashville Rd. and Loving Way.

"Loving Way was closed for a few days while they were doing utility work, and there could be some lane restrictions during certain utility movements, but those will be kept to a minimum," said Watt.

Officials told the public in a meeting last year, the goal is to reduce traffic and improve driver safety by creating fewer conflict points, but that doesn't do much to put one young driver at ease.

"I think it's going to be really dangerous because I'm a new-time driver, and people are having a hard time dealing with this stop light, so imagine everyone in a roundabout. That's going to be even worse," said new driver who works nearby, Sara Carthill.

Carthill says she sees the traffic each time she goes to work, and one neighbor has seen it grow over the past 60 years she's lived near the intersection.

"There wasn't much traffic when we first moved here, but now there's alot of traffic because it's everybody's cut-through to Western," said Loving Way resident Louise Duckett.

Duckett says she isn't opposed to the roundabout if it helps.

"It's going to happen, so we're just going to have to adjust to it. I don't there there can be much more traffic than we've already got," said Duckett.

It's just the beginning of the process watt says will probably not be completed until the end of the year.

Watt also says construction on the road will not begin until the spring, when Western lets out for its summer break, and he says in the coming months, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will be providing more information to educate drivers on how the new intersection will operate.

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