Doctors Warn Everyone Not To Work Alone In The Cold

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For those who are forced to work outside, there has been no escaping the cold the last few days.

The Medical Center in Bowling Green says they have seen an increase in cases of hypothermia.

Doctors say the cases are from those not taking the necessary precautions.

While many people have to work outside, officials recommend you always have someone nearby.

"I would recommend that you of course wear the appropriate clothing and also that you take frequent breaks. Remember that if you are physically active and sweating, that your clothes are going to get wet and that will exacerbate the problem," says Dr. Bart Spurlin, Medical Director of the Emergency Department at the Medical Center in Bowling Green.

Windy, cold weather can also cause frostbite. Doctors say one of the first signs may be white or yellowish skin.

If you think frostbite has occurred doctors recommend you warm the area slowly. Warming the area too fast can cause burns to the skin.

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