**UPDATE** Wreck had I-65 Shut Down, All Lanes Now Open

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**Transportation Officials say all lanes are now open.

There was an accident on I-65 this morning that closed both northbound and southbound lanes closed around the Hart County/Barren County line, approximately at mile marker 54.

Transportation officials say crews are now clearing southbound queue only.

Kentucky State Police Public Information Officer Jonathan Biven say "about 7:15 this morning KSP received a call of a tractor trailer, where the trailer was on fire. The tractor was able to disengage from the trailer to get away from it. At which point we discovered there was some type of hazardous material on the trailer. We've had to shut down I-65 in both directions.

Officials who specialize in dealing with hazardous material were called in to analyze the potentially dangerous material before any type of clean up could begin.

"There's a certain flash point that the temperature can be at before we open up any roadway what so ever. They were going in to take samples of the flash point and the chemicals. They wanted to see what materials they needed to use to see how to extinguish the actual chemical." added Biven.

Though drivers may have been frustrated with the traffic that backed up more than five miles. The procedure was for everyone's safety.

"We've got a chemical on the highway and when they're driving down the road, that's throwing it up on their vehicle and it's causing an environmental issue from the point of contact to where ever their destination is." said Biven.

The situation is ongoing, and as it continues to develop stay connected to WBKO.

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