Barren Co. Young Adults Grieve Loss of Friends

Fatal Crash

For those who were close to 19-year-old Aaron McCoy or 22-year-old Dustin Parrish, it's been a difficult time.

"A lot of people miss you. You've showed a lot of people a lot of things that they needed to go on, there's nothing we wouldn't do to get you back," said friend Nichole Gillon.

Both of the young men died early Saturday morning when Parrish's Jeep ran off of bishop road in Barren County, throwing both of them out of the jeep.

The Barren County Sheriff Department said it's difficult to deal with cases like this.

"Yea it is. There's more of an outcry after the fact, and it's always harder to deal with teenagers, with the younger kids it's harder to deal with," said Barren County Deputy Adam Bow.

A police report says neither were wearing a seat belt, and alcohol was involved.

"We lost the heart and soul of the crew, that says it to a t," said friends of McCoy.

Several friends have responded in their own way.

Last night, they made memorials and spun out several times in their cars in honor of the two men.

"We've been showing a different way a younger generation would mourn for the loss of a friend, and we're here today to let everybody know it's not to harm anyone, to disturb anyone. It's just how people our age would handle it," said Gillon.

While this caused some to call into the Sheriff Department to complain about it, police allowed them to have one night to do their thing.

"I have a lot of respect for the Barren County Sheriff Department right now, a whole, whole lot of respect for them," said one of McCoy's friends.

Tuesday night, several gathered at the sight to remember the two men again, but police would allow no more burnouts.

Friends said this is what the two men would've wanted them to do.

Funeral arrangements are this week with McCoy's at 1 pm on Wednesday at A.F. Crow and Son Funeral Home, and Parrish's at 1 pm tomorrow at Beaumont cemetery.

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