New Medical Center "Employee" Makes His Debut

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iStan, the newest member of The Medical Center staff, is just about ready to get to work. He may look like a patient, but he's actually a powerful training tool.

"iStan is to the medical profession what flight simulators are to pilots basically. It gives medical professionals a chance to train, be prepared for specific high risk events that are also low frequency, so they don't get much practice on," says Steve Collins, Regional Sales Manager for CAE Healthcare.

Paramedics, doctors and nurses had their chance to try iStan out. Everything from needles, to medication, to breathing tubes can be inserted and the effects immediately known.

Vital signs such as heart rate and breathing are monitored on a nearby computer screen.

Attention to detail, straight down to the skin, makes iStan appear as a real patient. The makers say there is nearly nothing he can't do.

"He is laying there. He is actually breathing. You can see his chest rise. You can hear his breathing sounds, listen to his heart sounds. His eyes are blinking, his pupils are reactive to light or trauma," says Collins.

Patient simulators similar to iStan have been around since the mid 90s. Staff at The Medical Center say technology like iStan has been a long time coming.

"We have employees coming here use to using this type of training so this will allow us to continue their education into the patient care setting," says Vivian McClellan, Corporate Director of Education & Development.

Two iStan's will be moving into a lab at the new Medical Center - WKU Health Sciences Complex this summer.

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