Bowling Green's Mayor's Candidates Accuse Each Other of "Vicious Lies"

By: Jon Hardison
By: Jon Hardison

With election day now 5 days off, both of Bowling Green's mayoral candidates fired off several verbal shots Friday, accusing each other of beginning the negative campaigning that has overtaken the race.

"The dirty politics in this campaign has been introduced by Elaine Walker. This is a Washington-style campaign," Jones said.

"Mayor Sandy Jones has resorted to lying in an effort to keep her position as Mayor of Bowling Green. So honesty, truth, and integrity have become central issues in this campaign," Walker said.

Walker called a press conference Friday morning to refute a series of charges leveled in a series of new "Jones for Mayor" campaign ads.

In the ads, a soundbite from the Mayor's forum shows Walker describing the influence a Congressman (her former employer) had on her life. The ad implies that statement is referring to Congressman Bud Shuster, who resigned from office amidst an ethics investigation. But Walker played more of the clip from the forum, which includes Walker saying it was Congressman John Saylor, not Shuster.

"She took those comments about a very good and honorable man, and twisted them around so it looks and sounds as though I made them about a less than honorable man, Congressman Bud Shuster. She is using technology to lie," Walker said.

"She's the one who drops the names Shustter and the other gentleman. It's on her website, she mentions it, she gives no dates. So it's a logical conclusion that she learned what she learned from Bud Shuster," Jones said.

Both candidates expressed regret that the campaign had evolved into a bitter back-and-forth, but both claimed they were simply defending against attacks from the other side.

Walker also distanced herself from "Citizens for Honest Government," a 527 political group that has been running full-page ads questioning the mayor. "I have no connections with that organization. I have intentionally kept my distance from the--I know the Bakers, and I understand there are other people involved as well. But that is something----my dog is not in that fight," Walker said.

"I disagree with that. She lives 3 or 4 doors down from the Bakers, she's been in lockstep with Jim Bullington since the day she filed her papers," Jones said.

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