Parents Upset About Field Trip

By: Ashley Davidson
By: Ashley Davidson

Simpson County Schools Superintendent, Jim Flynn, says: "It's meant to be a special, special trip."

But the recent Franklin Simpson High School Choral trip to New York City was more like a nightmare for some parents.

Brandy Stovall, is one of the upset parents. She says: "I take my child to Franklin Simpson High School for a lock-in Thursday night at 8:30."

The choral teacher, Danielle Brown, was the only supervisor at the lock-in. Parents say they later learned Brown had given their children alcohol.

Stovall says: "You don't give a 14 year-old child or a 16 year-old child some liquor and tell them it's okay to drink it."

Flynn says: "As soon as we learned some of the issues related to supervision and possible policy and law violations we sent the principal to New York City."

Brown resigned from her teaching position on Monday-the day the students were supposed to return. But then another turn for the worse happened.

Stovall says: "My daughter, Kendra, got off the plane with the other students. But my son and another child were left behind in New York with Mrs. Brown."

It turns out the airline had overbooked and one of the students was going to have to stay behind, but Brown offered to stay instead.

Flynn says: "One student kind of got upset that the teacher was being left behind and left the gate. Another student went to assist that student and the flight had to leave. Consequently those students missed the flight."

The next day they missed another flight home and parents became worried so the superintendent asked police in New York to escort the students and Brown to the airport. It's an ordeal both Flynn and Stovall say they'd never want to go through again.

Flynn says: "It's certainly been a real terrible experience for our school system and certainly some of the kids involved."

Stovall says: "I would never dream when they told me this happened... this is something I never in my life thought would happen. When you take your kids to a lock-in and leave you think they're going to be supervised and watched. Apparently they weren't watched too good or the mess that went on would have never went on."

Superintendent Flynn says he has turned over the investigation to the county attorney and the Franklin Police Department is looking into any laws that were broken. He says the school board is investigating which students were drinking and determining what will happen to them.

Brandy Stovall is also upset that her son was not given his medication on the trip. She tells us that he doesn't want to return to Franklin Simpson in the fall. And she says they are seeking legal representation on the matter.

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