Gyms of Germs Part 3

By: Ashley Davidson
By: Ashley Davidson

D.J Tyner says: "Wash our hands!"

D.J. Tyner and Jeyda Bays are learning about the importance of hand washing.

Jeyda Bays says: "Wash our hands. We put soap on them."

Tyner and Bays attend Eagle's Nest Child Care. That's one place where Eva Graham, from the Barren River District Health Department, teaches the children about hand washing.

Eva Graham says: "They think it's okay to go to the bathroom or it's okay to go to lunch without washing their hands."

In the classes Graham teaches she reads the kids a book about germs.

Graham says: "If I talk to them about germs and I talked to them about this and that they don't understand germs. They understand things they can see. They are concrete learners."

That's why she uses glow lotion to show the kids germs. It's a special kind of lotion that can reveal dirt or germs when a black light is shined on the kids’ hands.

Graham says: "And then we have them wash their hands. And then they could look under the black light to see that they washed part of the germs away."

After examining some of the kids hands Graham says: "You'll have to rub and scrub in that area better."

Graham teaches the kids it's also just as important to dry their hands after washing them.

Jeyda Bays says: "And then you get a paper towel and you dry them off." D.J. Tyner says: "Then you throw it away."

And she says it's important to condition children to always wash their hands after they play outside or at any public indoor play area.

Graham says: "You do not know where those other hands have been. That's been there before you. And that's very important that you do that. If they're on a playground or at McDonalds they definitely need to have their hands cleaned afterwards."

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