Low Sugar Candy

By: Ashley Davidson
By: Ashley Davidson

"Sales of sugar free candy have quadrupled and now when you go to the supermarket you can find just about any kind of regular candy available in sugar free."

Dieters these days have it a little bit easier with sugar free candy bars, but are these sweet treats any better? Mary Gill, with Greenview Regional Hospital says they are.

Gill says: "While they may be better for you than regular candy bars, it still is a good idea to consume these products within moderation."

Gill says just because they are low in sugar and calories doesn't mean people can eat more of them and get away with it.

Gill says: "One important thing to look at when looking at the sugar free products is always look at the food labels. These products are lower calories, but they do still contain calories and fat."

There's also something else to look for on the product label: sugar alcohols.

Gill says: "The products that are sugar free and claim to be lower in calories normally contain sugar alcohols; sugar alcohols are known actually to cause intestinal problems."

The product states they can even cause a laxative like effect. However, they are better for your teeth since the body beings to digest regular sugar in the mouth, which can cause decay.

Gill says: "With sugar alcohols, the digestion process doesn't actually being until you get around the small intestines."

In the end, Gill recommends eating a healthy balanced diet for anyone looking to shed a few pounds. She says even though the sugar free option is better the best option for curbing your sweet tooth is good old-fashioned fruit.

When WBKO compared the calories in the sugar free and regular candies there was a large difference. Almost half as many calories were present in the sugar free variety. Sugar alcohols provide about two calories per gram.

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