Jamestown Mother Claims Child Was Forced to Walk Behind School Bus

By: Forrest Sanders Email
By: Forrest Sanders Email

A Jamestown mother is distraught tonight, claiming her son was forced by a bus driver to walk behind the bus part of the way to Russell Springs Elementary. The woman says her son was asked to get out of the bus on a rural stretch of road that dead ended. Now, the mother is calling for further repercussions for the bus driver while the Russell County Board of Education says they've got a handle on the situation.

Tara Warriner is a mother of four, but her main concern lately, has been for her oldest, seven year old Blayd.

"The bus driver stopped the bus one day because he said he was being so unruly, he couldn't handle him. He put him off the bus, made him follow the bus as the bus driver drove down the road," says Tara.

According to Tara, her son says he walked behind the bus for five minutes, but Russell County Board of Education Superintendent Scott Pierce says Blayd didn't have to walk at all.

"There was a minor discipline problem with a child on a school bus," says Superintendent Pierce. "The bus driver, in a repeated attempt to get the child to sit down, asked the child to step off the bus in an effort to get his attention, then the child was taken back home."

"They spoke to him, he admitted that he did do it, and I was basically told that because he had a good driving record, he knew not to do it again. That's all that's going to be done," says Tara.

Superintendent Pierce says that the school district reacts appropriately to child transportation incidents, citing a recent situation in which a bus driver was fired after leaving a girl on a bus.

"Of course, in any incident like this, the safety of the child is paramount, and, of course, the concerns of the parents," says Superintendent Pierce. "This is an incident we've reviewed and we've taken appropriate action with the bus driver and feel that resolution is satisfactory."

"I really do hope he's not allowed to work with kids anymore," Tara concludes. "As a parent, I would want to know when something like this happens, especially if my child was on that bus."

According to Tara Warriner, this is actually the second time her son has had to walk behind the bus. Superintendent Pierce says he is not aware of this earlier incident.

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  • by carolyn Location: russell springs on Apr 25, 2008 at 04:31 PM
    This is unexceptable,we trust school employees to safe gaurd our childern/this is clearly child abuse ,negelect and just child indangerment.and in the most tender year of his life.My prayers are with this young man he did not diserve this public inbarrassment.and I doubt the bus driver took him right back home as Pierce said.
  • by con Location: ky on Apr 21, 2008 at 07:00 PM
    In regards to concerned bus rider, the child's mother found out about both incidences on the same day. She found out through someone else that was on the bus both of the days it happened. They did not know the child's name, they were concerned until they found out, so they could report it to the parents. She had no idea that he had been acting in such a way to receive such treatment. Not to worry though, she is now taking full responsibility to take him herself, and I am sure she will not be putting him out to walk. The school has never notified the parent's of any problems, maybe they should be better with their paperwork.
  • by Anonymous on Apr 21, 2008 at 08:36 AM
    Yes the bus has had alot of training. He has driven the bus for more than 15 years. This situation is being made into more than it actually is. He did take proper procedure by telling the mother and telling the school. However the mother stood there not telling her son to behave. The driver told her "multiple" times how he behaved i was there i remember waiting at his house while the driver stopped to talk to the mom. He told the mother and the school but proper action was never taken until he made the child step off the bus and get his attention. My grandpa is not a bad man. He is my hero and he wouldn't do anything to hurt the student, my pa does not make students get off the bus he makes them get off to let them know that they are disrupting his driving. What else was he suppose to do wreck the bus and harm all students...no make the child get off to scare him to where he will behave.
  • by RKR on Apr 18, 2008 at 10:50 AM
    In response to Adair Countian - an article I read specifically said Ms. Warriner reported it was not the first time her child was made to do this. Thus, she had prior knowledge that her child had been acting inappropriately.
  • by Concerned bus rider Location: Russell Springs on Apr 18, 2008 at 09:03 AM
    Again Adair countians comment is false the bus driver told his mother time and time again at least once a week whether it was for pinching or slapping or even licking the floor which he done daily... take it from me i was there this whole charade is not a big deal. I really like my bus driver and were like family and all this website is doing is ruining his reputation... He is a good christian man and wouldn't do ANYTHING to harm a student
  • by Anonymous Location: Russell County on Apr 18, 2008 at 08:45 AM
    My friend and I have ridden this bus since kindergarten. I personally was not on the bus the day of the occurrence, however my friend was. Her eyewitness account was that the bus driver had not made the young child walk. He had merely pulled the bus over and asked the child to get off to calm down after being rather rowdy. He then allowed the boy to return to the bus to travel on to his destination. I believe this witness' account is much more reliable than the parent's theory because she was not present when these events occurred. This kind gentleman of a bus driver has always been very caring toward all of the children he has transported. So I ask of you not to spread anymore false information about this man, unless you can prove by some others statements (other than Blayde and his friends/family). On another note this bus doesn't even go to Jamestown. The route is strictly a Russell Springs route.
  • by con Location: ky on Apr 18, 2008 at 08:29 AM
    No matter what the child did, he was a minor, 7 yr old, with a lot to learn. The bus driver was the adult here. Did he not have any training to let him know how to handle these kind of situations? This is not the first child to ever act up on a bus, neither will he be the last. The adult should have followed the proper procedures and reported the incident, but he did not. I can understand how the mother felt when she found out, because she was not notified by the school or the driver, so she could have a chance to give the kid any discipline, she is the one who notified the school of the problem and it doesn't seem they felt anything was wrong with the driver breaking the law. I wonder how many other kids have been treated like this. When I attended school, the buses were crowded and the aisle was full of people standing on the bus, as long as we were behind the "white line" the bus kept rolling on down the road.
  • by RussellCountain#2 Location: Russell County KY on Apr 18, 2008 at 12:18 AM
    I have to say if you dont have the proper last name or the money to back yourself up then all this abuse is still going to happen. I have benn hit with erasers, paddled,had my hair pulled out, had my ear pulled on very hard and things are not gonna change unless alot of parents start protesting.if the school system cant handle this properly thenby all means we need a new superintendent not like he's gonna tell the truth since the incident a couple weeks ago with the little girl being left on the bus. just goes to show some are not there for the kids just SHOW ME THE MONEY just like most of the teachers. wanting more raises but less teaching. If this is true then my heart goes out to the family it should have been solved in a reasonable manner not hulmiliation and indangering the welfare of a minor.
  • by Adair Countian Location: Columbia on Apr 17, 2008 at 06:42 PM
    Addressing RKR's comments. Mrs. Wariner didn't know her child was a repeat offender. The bus driver never told her. He took it upon himself to discipline the child way inappropriately.
  • by RKR Location: BG on Apr 17, 2008 at 08:58 AM
    I went to Jamestown Elementary, left about 1998--10 years ago. I don't recall any reproach or disgusting abuse, but I DO recall being taught to spell and construct sentences properly. As for the bus incident, I may not fully agree with the methods of throwing a kid outside or making him walk behind a bus, either way. However, perhaps Ms. Warriner should consider that her child Blayd is a repeat offender for bad behavior and act accordingly. Being unruly on a bus puts not only your own child at risk, but countless others with every distraction the child causes to the driver.
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