All Stressed Out Part 1

By: Ashley Davidson
By: Ashley Davidson

Bailey Dargo says: "When I'm at school and I try to get one of my numbers done and I try and I try and I try but I can't."

Eight-year-old Bailey is in the majority when comes to what causes her stress. For many children schoolwork is at the top of the list.

Dr. Bill Pfohl says: "This is the idea I have to do math well. I have to read well and I have to do written language well. And not only do I have to do well I have to pass a test."

For aspiring actress and cross country runner, Vivian, school is also stressful. She says last year she got behind in some classes and that's put even more pressure on her during her eighth grade year.

Vivian Ellis says: "That was stressful because my mom and dad would sit me down and say you're not going to get into a good college and you have to raise up your grades and you won't get scholarships."

Besides school Dr. Pfohl says some of the things kids see on the news can be troubling for young minds.

Pfohl says: "I think another thing I've noticed as I talk to kids everyday, are things like terrorism, which has really made a lot of kids much more aware of problems going on in the world."

12-year-old Sam says after September 11th he experienced more stress.

Sam Mayes says: "I was really scared of nuclear attacks. Like about a year ago."

He isn't alone.

Dargo says: "The explosions in Europe that made me really upset at the people who did it."

Dr. Pfohl says other kids at school can also instigate stress in a child's life.

Mayes says: "When I was in 4th and 5th grade everybody would be mean to me because I didn't like sports."

And for girls of any age even within friendships it can be worse.

Dargo says: "They play with somebody else and they promise to play with me. It gets me really angry."

Ellis says: "Last year it was crazy. Nobody liked each other and it was just total drama. I would come home and cry. I had a major breakdown because I was so stressed."

Here's a few ways to spot stress in your child:
- Complaints of stomachaches or headaches.
- If they say they are tired all the time.
- Faking illness to skip school.

If you notice any of these signs in your child be sure to watch tomorrow. In the second part of "All Stressed Out" we'll take look at how parents can help their children cope with situations that are stressful.

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