Bio-Diesel Fuel Alternative

By: Tamara Evans
By: Tamara Evans

Gas prices continue to fluctuate at high prices across the country and many motorists are finding new ways to cut back on the high costs.

Glasgow resident Ronnie Cowan is using grease from local restaurants.

"Some of the restaurants just sit it out for us in buckets and i've got a couple of places I have my own little dumpsters and I pump it out of the dumpsters i made for them", says Cowan.

Cowan first got the idea to start using grease to make bio-diesel fuel from a friend who saw someone on television using it in a car with a diesel engine.

"I have a couple of diesel vehicles and a dozer and I thought if he can do it I can too", says Cowan.

Cowan found a process that involves running the grease from the restaurants through a hose and into a tank where it is then filtered, boiled, and added to sodium hydroxide.

Eventually at the end of this process this grease is now a type of bio-diesel fuel.

The ironic thing is, Cowan isn't even that interested in chemistry. He just figured the process out on his own and it's saving him alot of money.

"I have made it for as little as 56 cents a gallon to as much as 70 cents a gallon, so if you do the math it's quite a bit of savings", says Cowan.

A new way of saving money on bio-diesel fuel that seems to be saving money for all those involved...even the restaurants.

"They love it because most of the time the restaurants are having to pay to have someone take the grease so first of all it's a savings for them not to have to pay someone to get it, and it's a savings for me not to have to buy the diesel fuel to run in my vehicles and dozer", says Cowan.

Cowan has only been making the bio-diesel fuel for a couple of months now. He says that recently he took a trip to Nashville, Tennessee using his bio-diesel fuel and the trip cost him two cents a mile.

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