BG City Commission Candidates Part 4

Candidates are campaigning around the clock with only a few days until the mid-term election and we’ve been introducing you to candidates running for area offices so you can find out their views and we continue our coverage of the race for Bowling Green City Commission.

As you can see, many are running to help restore public trust. This is an important issue for everyone involved in this race and especially voters. You may remember in 2005 former CFO Davis Cooper was caught stealing millions of dollars from the city.

Cooper’s theft was traced back to the mid 90’s. The former city official is currently serving an eight-year sentence in federal prison.

A lot of questions surrounded this incident and a lot of taxpayers were left wondering how it could have happened.
In this segment, the candidates share their thoughts on the Davis Cooper scandal and explain how they plan to restore public trust.

Candidate Mark Bradford says, “We just have to keep a closer watch on the budget and make sure procedures are in effect, where you won’t have one person capable of doing that sort of thing and hiding it from everybody,” while Joe Denning says, “I think we should have internal control so that more than one person has an idea of what’s going on with the city’s money.”

“The public trust is always one of the highest priorities of any elected official and you want people to trust you and want to make sure making decisions that encourage people to trust you,” Brian “Slim” Nash explains while Donna Renaud says, “I do feel public trust is a problem with many citizens and you can’t blame them. I understand the mayor and commission have started steps by hiring internal auditor so there’s checks and balances. We have a new city manager who has years of expertise and I think as city commissioners we should work with him.”

Edmond Schwab JR explains, “I would tackle any corruption issues by any person in the city government what-soever because this culture of corruption must stop.”

“It was devastating to our community, devastating to our reputation, that something like this would take place and go on for such a long period of time. I definitely feel proper procedures are in place how to proclude that from ever happening again,” candidate Delane Simpson says.

Brian Strow explains, “He was in charge of everything, there was no check on him and regardless of how honest a person is, you have to have checks and balances, so yes, we’ve started the process of accountability, but by no means are we finished and need to keep working on that.”

And candidate Bruce Wilkerson says, “I think the city has made a great first step in hiring internal auditor, but hiring someone then leaving task to them is insufficient. We still need to have to review those audits, reports, process and i will look hard at continuing to try to do that.”

Nationwide, communities are trying to decide how to deal with illegal immigration. Some cities have even come up with their own policies on the matter.

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Tomorrow night hear how candidates think Bowling Green should tackle the issue on WBKO at six and 10.

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