Internet Revolution, Part 3

By: Ryan Dearbone
By: Ryan Dearbone

While you may think that there's no where else for the Internet to go and no other way for it to shape your lives, scientists and technology wizards are working on ways to revamp the landscapes of both our virtual and physical worlds.

"We started off with just dial-up, going and looking at things. Then we had the business revolution, business-to-business, and now we have personal content Internet where I can get my media, my space and its personalized for me and my groups. The next set of Internet technologies will be complete integration of those technologies into our everyday life," said Craig Coale of Nortel Networks.

As part of a survey of online experts by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 53 percent of those surveyed said by 2014 all media, including audio, video, voice and print will all be streamed in and out of the home or office via the Internet.

Fifty-nine percent agree that by 2014, computing devices will be embedded in everything from clothing to cars and phones.

"I think that the Internet is changing to encompass more of what we do in our daily lives into the Internet," said Dave Beckley, Director of Networking and Computing at Western Kentucky University.

Online experts say that because of the increasing presence of the Internet, those who use it will have a major say in its future.

"The larger trend for the future is that those who are outside of formal technology training are now having influence on how the Internet looks and how digital technology is expressed," noted Mark McElroy of Connect Kentucky.

"I think if you look at it and everything that's available today from refrigerators that have Internet connectivity where you can monitor stuff, remote-controlled cameras in your house for security purposes, all that is Buck Rogers stuff of 20 years ago."

Craig Coale of Nortel also said some of the new technology on the horizon is I.P. TV which will allow television networks to be multi-cast over the Internet and played on your computer.

Also, cars that send automatic emails to you whenever servicing is needed are also close at hand.

Coale also said that most of this future technology is only a couple years away from becoming available to consumers.

"In our labs at Nortel, we've got places where you walk up to a telephone and that telephone becomes your telephone number as you move around the building. We can see by I.D. cards where people are we can locate equipment. You'll see that type of technology come into the home."

Coale also told online users to not be surprised if in the future a single device will control most the appliances in your home or office.

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