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By: Tamara Evans Email
By: Tamara Evans Email

"I think a lot of people probably look at last years tax return and they make sure they've included everything from last year this year and they don't realize that this is a totally new line on the tax return,” said Patricia Brummer, IRS Media Relations Specialist.

For those of you that have already started filling out your tax forms, you may have noticed a new line.

It's a federal excise tax on your long distance telephone service. So far, many Americans are missing out on this return.

"Approximately one-third of the people in the country are totally missing it,” Brummer said.

Brummer said you can subtract the standard amount which is between $30 and $60 or you can use your phone records to figure out how much the long distance excise tax should be.

"If you do that, we do want you to keep copies of the telephone bill because there's a good chance that we're gonna ask to see them if your amount is a fairly large amount,” Brummer said.

Brummer also said another problem the IRS is seeing are tax return scams. Some scammers have already sent out emails pretending to be with the IRS.

They tell you you've made a mistake on your tax return and guide you to a website that looks like the IRS website.

"The IRS does not send out soliciting emails. That's not how we notify you if there's an error on your return. We're required by law to send you a letter through the postal service,” Brummer said.

For those thinking of cheating the IRS on your tax form, you may want to think twice. In a national poll, one out of five Americans admitted to cheating the IRS on their tax returns.

Those that are found guilty of purposely putting wrong information on their return however, could pay a price.

"Possibly very large fines and also prison sentences in federal prison,” Brummer said.

Brummer said you can avoid making little mistakes on your returns by not waiting last minute for the April 17, 2007, deadline.

"Get your paperwork together. Do it now, and avoid the last minute rush and what a relief to have it done,” Brummer said.

Brummer said if you've made an honest mistake on your taxes, you will owe the IRS the tax, a penalty and the interest involved.

You are also being encouraged to file electronically, which allows you to get a faster refund.

For more on the IRS, to file online or to turn someone in who is cheating on their taxes you can log onto the following website:

You can receive a percentage of what they owe if they are found guilty.

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