Animal Cruelty In Grayson County

By: Stuart Peck Email
By: Stuart Peck Email

One Grayson County resident is free tonight and another is still in jail after being charged with 2ND degree animal cruelty. Citizen became concerned about the safety of the community after several incidents of animal cruelty, and decided to speak out. The family we spoke to is still in shock over the gruesome discovery of their family dog. Now that family along with another Grayson County resident is speaking out about the crimes and the people who allegedly committed them.

"Done some investigating of my own and found the collar on him, called the sheriff's department and state troopers and they had come down and question the boys about it, they admitted what they had done."

Leo Clemmons says what they did was steal his dog and eventually kill it. When Clemmons found his family's dog he also discovered other dead dogs near the house where 18 year old, Carl Jamison and 23 year old, Michael Decker live. Bob Edrington's dog was also killed. He showed WBKO at least one of the dogs who was killed, and is tired of the cruelty taking place in the area.

"I know this is going on all over the county, but this is my backyard, and I'm going to take up for myself."

"Carl's wife, Scarlett Jamison, says the claims made by the residents are false. She says the Clemmon's dog was threatening her family."

"We had people going out there asking who's dog it was, it was a boxer with an orange collar on and it needed to go, because it was growling at us. No one ever came so it just got shot."

While searching for his missing dog, Clemmons discovered something potentially more dangerous to the community. In the woods between Edrington's home and the house where the Jamisons and Decker live he found many of the ingredients commonly used in making methamphetamine. WBKO asked Scarlett Jamison about the materials.

"Saw some other questionable materials, some Sudafed and other stuff that could be used for Methamphetamine, anything that came from this property at all? From where? Just down the road right there. No."

The Grayson County Sheriff's Department told us they are aware of the situation and it is under investigation. Edringon and the Clemmons family hope the investigation brings change in the county.

"It takes a sick mind just to kill something's heart that pumps. Take a loved one, it's not different to me it's like taking a child. You know, they bleed just like we would. Who knows, they're young kids, 20- 23. What are they going to do when they're 33? Are they going to decide to go kill humans? If they trash there animals, we don't know."

In addition to the animal cruelty charges, Carl Jamison is charged with theft and Decker is charged with receiving stolen property. Both men are scheduled to appear in court this Thursday.

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