Godless, Faceless Coins

By: Courtney Lassiter Email
By: Courtney Lassiter Email

Heather Borders is pretty familiar with currency. She's a teller at Lewisburg Banking Company where a stack of new Presidential $1 Coins caught her curiosity.

"It's the same size. It was in a roll. There's no difference. It's completely flush," Borders said about the coin she found. "I thought it was nothing, but I thought I'd keep it. The least I'd be out is $1."

With reports coming out about the possibility of these so-called faceless, Godless coins, Borders thought she may have something no-one else had. Click here to view the official report by the U.S. Mint.

"I don't know what it's worth, but I'd be interested to know," Borders said about her coin.

Come to find out that even though Border's coin was Godless and faceless, it wasn't one of the special Presidential $1 Coins that have been in the news. In fact, Border's coin is something completely different. It is a blank planchet.

"A blank planchet is prepared by the mint. It's a round disk fed into a machine which stamps the front and back that's how you make a coin," James Holland said about Border's coin.

Holland has been collecting and studying coins his whole life and he now owns a store full of them. He's quite particular about his findings. He's even been to coin shows recently where Godless and faceless coins are going for big bucks.

"The dealers were paying $50 for them," Holland said with little surprise.

Fifty dollars isn't that much to Holland, who is asking more than a thousand dollars for one of his authenticated coins. "I have a 1955 penny where the date was struck twice."

Holland feels bad for Borders who won't get the same kind of deal for her coin as he will for his 1955 penny.

"A customer offered me $5 for it," Borders said laughing. "It might not have been a bad price." At the same time, Borders asked a coin expert how much her planchet was worth and she was quoted hundreds if not thousands of dollars on Ebay.

The mint struck 300 million Presidential $1 Coins, about half in Philadelphia and half in Denver, although coins are turning up all over the country with mistakes.

Many of the coins from Denver are being called faceless because George Washington isn't on the front and the Statue of Liberty isn't on the back. And the coins struck in Philadelphia weren't printed with "In God we trust" around the coin, earning them nickname - godless coins.

To see an example of the coins click here, and if you would like to learn how much your coins are worth visit http://www.pcgs.com/.

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