Calf Born with Two Noses

By: Jennifer Grannan
By: Jennifer Grannan

It’s a bovine oddity in Northern Wisconsin - a cow with two noses! Jennifer Grannan went up to Lincoln County to meet “Lucy,” the two-nosed calf, and has this report:

“I didn’t notice anything too different about her until I got her in the barn and all of a sudden I went to feed her a bottle of milk and I thought maybe she’d been kicked in the nose, and there were two noses there,” farmer, Mark Krombholz explained.

So Krombholz took a closer look at his newest calf and sure enough, Lucy has two noses.

“It’s a functioning nose because the middle of her second nose, the flap would go in and out when she drank out of the bottle like that. It was kind of funny. It caught my eye right away, so I kind of laughed at that,” Krombholz said.

While both noses seemed to be working fine, Mark called up his breeder to come check Lucy out.

“It looked like she was comfortable laying there in her bedding and breathing - and spunky just like you want to see. It’s just that she’s got two noses,” Mark’s breeder, Scott explained.

While Lucy was born last on May 11, 2007, Krombholz is still having a hard time believing a calf with two noses was born on his farm.

“You see people who drop off pictures like that, but it’s the only time I’ve seen it. You see pictures on T.V. of two-headed calves like that, but nothing in person like that,” Krombholz said and there’s no real good way to explain how Lucy ended up with two noses.

“It’s a rarity. It’s just a freak of nature, is what you’d call it,” Scott said.

Scott said these types of things aren’t usually a part of genetics - just a mutation that happens occasionally, but they do keep track of them.

“We’ll fill out a form, send that on to the company in Shawano and keep record of it. If by chance this would happen more than a few times they start looking at the sire that we’re using,” Scott explained.

In almost 30 years breeding cows, Scott said he’s only filled out about ten forms. So while mutations like Lucy’s two noses are unusual, they do happen. By the way - Lucy may have a more pampered future than her herd-mates. The family has decided to make Lucy a pet.

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