The Cost of Removing Tattoos

Tattoos have been the rage the past decade and there’s no sign of them going out of style, but with the growth in tattoos comes a downside.

Angelina Jolie, Tommy Lee, Dennis Rodman - just a few of the celebrities who have glamorized skin art. While love sometime fades, it takes a lot more than that to make a tattoo disappear.

Giustina Rossi had two cherubs tattooed on her lower back when was 21.

“It was impulse - got it done and realized that it doesn’t look good on me. It just wasn’t what I’m about,” Rossi said.

Today, after a shot to kill the pain, Rossi got her 11 and final laser treatment to remove those cherubs. Total cost: about $4,400.

It’s a growing market. Tattoo removal lasers are now big business. Dr. Bruce Katz, a board certified dermatologist, has been removing tattoos for more than a decade.

“We have not seen so many tattoos as in the last few years, ever,” Katz said.

Doctor Katz said 80 percent of his clients are women who’ve changed their minds.

“A lot of women today and some men have had tattoos placed when they’re in college or high school. (Then they) get into the real world, into business - they’re in Wall Street or investment banking and they realize this is not professional, and that’s when they realize they want to have them removed,” Katz explained.

Tattoos where the ink is very deep in the skin or with many colors are hard to take off.

“There is aqua, yellow orange, turquoise - they become a lot more difficult and they require more sessions to remove them,” Katz said.

Rossi wishes she’d known that before she got her tattoo in the first place.

“I should’ve listened to my parents when they said that I’d be paying for it later on. They were right,” Rossi said.

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