Do Vitamins Cause Prostate Cancer?

By: Ryan Dearbone Email
By: Ryan Dearbone Email

A recent study in the Journal Of The National Cancer Institute says too many vitamins could be a cause of prostate cancer.

According to the non-controlled survey, multi-vitamin users who take certain vitamins more than once a day 7 days a week are twice as likely to get the cancer as those who've never taken the supplements.

The Medical Center's Dr. Melinda Joyce said taking vitamins are harmless since they are natural substances, unless they are taken in large quantities.

"If people do get carried away and take large doses of vitamins or mega-doses of vitamins, there can actually be problems they can have," Joyce said.

One issue Joyce said is common is mixing too many supplements with multi-vitamins. Its okay to take multi-vitamins with other supplements but as with anything, moderation is the key.

Joyce also said water soluble vitamins pass through the body without any problems, but fat soluble supplements are a different story.

"Fat soluble vitamins actually stay in the body. So if you're taking too many, those are things such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K, then you can actually see a lot of those build up in the body and actually have toxicities and side effects from that," Joyce warned.

The doctor also said side effects can range from stomach problems and nausea all the way to liver and kidney problems. She also believes prostate cancer is an unlikely side effect of vitamins.

Joyce recommends reading the vitamin labels and only taking the recommended daily allowance. She also warns supplement users to beware of multi-vitamins with herbal ingredients.

To see copies of the study in the Journal of The National Cancer Institute, click on the following links.

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