“Hating Yourself” Prevention and Cure

By: Ashley Davidson
By: Ashley Davidson

Since self-esteem is something that affects all of our lives, experts say it's best to start developing a positive self image at an early age.

Sherida Newmister is a therapist at Rivendell Behavioral Center. She says, "Usually self-esteem begins in childhood. Children when they are raised are either praised for good things or shamed for inappropriate things. As that shame builds as that praise builds it tends to develop the self esteem of the person."

Having low self-esteem is an infliction that is never fully out of ones system, but help is available.

Betsy Pierce is an outreach counselor for Western Kentucky University. She says, "Once they can say, yes, this is an area I struggle in. Start looking for things that caused it. How do we work out of those things?"

Dr. James Davis is a psychiatrist. He says, "Parents need to have good communication with their children. They need to have an open line of communication."

For people with low self esteem that have developed eating disorders treatment can be the best way to regain healthy habits.

Emily Kovar has been in therapy and in an eating disorder treatment facility for anorexia and she is doing much better.

Kovar says, "Very definitely anorexia is a disease where recovery is possible. Don't think it's not, but it's very hard and it takes years."

Newmister says, "You help them understand good nutrition. You help them understand a realistic body image.

For the people who cut themselves as an escape from their personal problems, there is also help through counseling.

Pierce says, "What are they hurting about? What's really going on? They need some kind of outlet. So you want to look at what's going on and give them some kind of outlet."

For someone who has struggled with their self-esteem Kovar says it truly is all about accepting yourself.

Kovar says, "The most important thing for self esteem is you can accept yourself, but it's a lot harder to accept yourself if you don't feel you're being accepted by your friends."

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