Adventures in Kentucky: Sailing

Sailing was never an adventure that I thought could be done in Kentucky, but I've discovered that there is an active sailing community here and Lee Huddleston of the Port Oliver Yacht Club is going to teach me how to sail.

"I've got to give you fair warning, sailing is very addictive. Once you learn how to do it, you won't want to quit," Huddleston said.

For the sake of saving time, we motor out from the dock and when we reach open water we turn off the engine and let the wind do the work.

"I tell you what, let's go ahead and raise the sails and then we'll actually do some sailing," Huddleston.

Out on the water, sailing is as peaceful as it gets. The weather is perfect and the wind is cooperating. At full sail, we are moving at a decent pace, and now that we are sailing, it is time for me to learn the ropes.

When in doubt let it out, and what you do is pull it back until you get the curve. That's it right there. Same's true with the main, let it go, it's called lufting. The front of the sail is called the luft of the sail, and I make it luft, then I bring it back in. That's the most efficient right there," Huddleston said.

Now, with the basics of sailing under my belt, we are going to make sailing a little more adventurous.

We can put up another sail if you want. We can put up a bigger sail. Wanna try that?" asked Huddleston.

We put up the larger sail to make the next maneuver a little more exciting.

"I like how much trust I have that this thing's not gonna flip over just because you said it won't," I said to Huddleston.

"Oh, no, no, you can't even get water on the rail. Trust me whatever you do. As the boat heels over the wind goes out of the sails," Huddleston reassured me.

"Right, we loose sail, still that's a lot of trust," I said.

For Adventures in Kentucky, Brandon Lokits, WBKO.

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