Mouse Saver

If you have a pool you have probably seen the depressing sight.

I am talking about small animals who only wanted to take a drink of water but ended up giving their life.

Well... A Pennsylvania man hopes his invention will stop this horrible sight from ever being seen again.

Here's the story behind the critter guard.

Traditionally for children the prospect of a refreshing dip in the backyard swimming pool on a hot summer morning is one that brings screams of delight ...or screams that result from seeing the floating carcass of a mouse or other wayward furry creature who accidentally drowned in it overnight

"Big time problem, yeah i had one every other day when we bought the house. Mice, moles, squirrels, frogs, everything."

The reason that free lance inventor Phil Fulmer of East Norriton has devised his own humane lifesaving solution.

"I just came up with this little gizmo, it's working great. It's called a Critter Guard. A small animal rescue device helps little mice get out. At night, mice and moles and any small animal goes naturally to water, either for a drink or if it's an in-ground pool, run in accidentally not even knowing it's there."

"Mice, once they're in they can't get out, so they just go around and around treading water and they just scratch along the side, trying to get out, swimming around all night."

So how many laps do you think a typical mouse could do? Probably just a couple.

What if he was in good shape, you know, if he worked out? A real healthy mouse? Might make 4 or 5 but he can't get out because he can't reach the steps so eventually they finally get tired and drown.

So what is this like a mouse ladder? That's exactly what it is; a mouse ladder is exactly what it is. They find the net and climb out. We got a full patent on it so it's just starting out. We just got the web page up, i got a bunch of e-mails and requests. I got some letters people got pictures of mice climbing out saying how great it worked

And while the device does nothing to prevent other wild creatures, scampering through your yard from ending up in your pool, as many have been known to do, the simple device can used on garden ponds or pools to provide peace of mind, both for children now able to enjoy a rodent free frolic in the water but for the wayward mouse who now has a means of getting out of it on his own, and back to the safety that awaits on dry land.

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