Safe Fun in the Sun

Recent reports show some sunscreens may be as effective as you think. How good are you about reading the labels and lathering up?

Jessica Freeman knows what happens when she doesn't wear sunscreen.

"I get burned bad. I'm red like an apple," Freeman said.

Freeman is extremely fair-skinned and has had severe sunburns.

"When she was little she used to get third-degree burns. She had one on her face. She peels extremely bad so every time we go out in the sun I put in on her face a lot," Jessica's older sister, Leslie Blondin said.

It's no secret that increased sun exposure is bad for our skin and sunscreen is supposed to help.

Recent test results show some sunscreens simply don't work. Many protect against UVB rays and not the deeper-penetrating UVA rays.

"Coppertone said UVA and UVB protected but the Banana Boats don't," sunbather, Tasha Sims said.

We showed swimmers at the water park a list of ingredients that are supposed to provide good UVA protection.

"None of those are in here," Thompson admitted.

Although the study shows 20 percent of sunscreens do not provide adequate protection, swimmers are diligent about lathering up.

"Let me get your shoulders and your arms - gotta get your arms," said Thompson, as she covered her younger sister with sunscreen lotion.

Sunscreen lotions are still getting the job done for everyone we talked to.

"I make sure and re-apply every hour to two hours, even when they're swimming," said Sims, about keeping her children lathered with sunscreen.

"My mom picks them out, and she always picks out a high number like 50, so she doesn't burn at all and we get 30 for our faces," Thompson said.

Others resort to hats and t-shirts to help avoid the sun's rays.

Many people don't know what ingredients are in their sunscreen and don't read the labels.

To ensure you're being protected against UVB and UVA rays, look for some of these ingredients on the sunscreen label:

  • Mexoryl
  • Helioplex
  • Diethyl Hexol 2-6 Naptholate

    For more information about sunscreen and to learn more about how to better protect your skin from the sun, be sure to click here.

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