Steroids Involved in Benoit Murders?

By: Ryan Dearbone Email
By: Ryan Dearbone Email

Benoit is just one of many athletes in recent years that has been linked to taking the growth hormone. Many athletes who have used it say it gives them the edge in performing.

"These products are used by athletes to enhance performance, increase muscle-building, to make them stronger or appear stronger," said Glee Lenoir, pharmacist at The Medical Center pharmacist.

While steroids build a person up, the drug comes with a very heavy price tag of long-term side effects that can sometimes be deadly.

"... Types of cancers, liver tumors, heart attacks, blood clots. Everything from severe acne to extreme disease processes," Lenoir said.

She said the drug can also lead the user to experience paranoia and other psychotic episodes, which are commonly known as "Roid Rage."

"These patients spiral from extreme depression to extreme aggression," Lenoir noted.

Lenoir said there is no timetable for just how long a person can experience "Roid Rage."

I asked Glee if the use of steroids lead Benoit to commit such a violent act against his family. She said while medication was probably part of the problem, she doubts it was the sole reason.

"Certainly aggressive behavior is a consequence we see of steroid use. However, this degree of aggression - there may have been other factors involved," Lenoir said.

Lenoir said another dangerous problem with steroids is that users cycle on and off the drug, which can lead to major mood swings and aggressive behavior.

World Wrestling Entertainment, the company Benoit wrestled for, has stated that Benoit did pass a drug test administered by an independent tester back in April 2007.

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