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  • Earth Day Dollars: Eight Ways To Invest Sustainably
    Want to invest in the earth? Here's some concrete things you can do.
  • Should You Be An Active Or Passive Investor? How About Both?
    There’s a neverending debate in the investment world about whether it’s possible to beat the market by actively picking individual stocks (whether on your own or through actively managed mutual funds) or whether you’d be better off just sticking with a low-cost index fund that simply tracks the market. At first glance, it seems better to try to beat the market. The problem is that this is incredibly difficult. The vast majority of mutual funds fail to do so in the long run and those that do are unlikely to continue doing so in the future.
  • The Danger Of Overstuffing Your IRA
    The IRS is ramping up its efforts to catch taxpayers who make excess contributions to Individual Retirement Accounts.
  • The 5 Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers
    Credit card issuers have been using 0% introductory rates as a marketing incentive for years. These interest free offers can apply to purchases, balance transfers, or both. Several years ago my wife and I used 0% balance transfer offers to get out of debt. We kept transferring the balance to another card offering no interest until our debt was paid off.
  • Preparing Your Teen For The Job Of Getting A Summer Job
    Teen summer employment may have experienced a downward trend in the last few years, but is it really their fault? Teens get a bad rap when it comes to work; however, the summer of 2015 may be the year they redeem themselves. With predictions of a heavy summer hiring season, teens might have more opportunities available. It's time to help your teen prepare for the job of getting the job.
  • Tax Savings To Clear Path For Josh Hamilton's Return To Texas Rangers
    When running a business, it's best to pay employees for what you anticipate they will do in the future, rather than what they have done in the past. The effects of this basic tenant become magnified when the annual salaries you're handing out are in the tens of millions, a lesson the front office of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim has been slow to learn.
  • Bruce Jenner's Transgender Plan Offers Retirement Gold
    Bruce Jenner's transgender plan reiterates that retirement is the prime time to break free and truly reach your full potential.
  • Confusion and Complexity Coming to Retirement Investing
    2015 will be the year of confusion for many when it comes to determining where they should save for their retirement.
  • This Week In Credit Card News: Online Gambling With A Credit Card, Cybersecurity Bill Passed
    House Passes Cybersecurity Bill After Companies Fall Victim to Data Breaches
  • National Debt Tops $18 Trillion: Guess How Much You Owe?
    The federal debt has just surpassed $18.2 trillion! As the debt grows, the government's need for revenue will rise, which will put more pressure on America's middle-class. Has Washington borrowed beyond its ability to repay? Will politicians adopt fiscally responsible policies? What impact does the national debt have on our economy? Learn more in this article.


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