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  • Year End Charitable Tax Tips
    Planning to donate property or cash to charity before year end? Here are some rules you'll need to know.
  • RMD Tips and Tricks To Keep The IRS Off Your Back
    We're approaching that time of the year again where if you're age 70 1/2 or older you are required by law to withdraw money from your tax-deferred retirement accounts and pay income tax on your withdrawal. For some, the RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) rules are confusing and steeped in lore. One thing is certain, however, the penalty for missing or miscalculating your RMD is one of the most severe in the Internal Revenue Code, weighing in at a whopping 50% penalty on the amount you're required to take. Whether this year marks your first year taking an RMD or you've been taking it for decades here's some of the top tips to keep you away from unnecessary IRS penalties that could eat away at your retirement savings and peace of mind. To calculate your RMD the IRS provides a somewhat obscure table based on your age and supposed life expectancy called the Uniform Lifetime Distribution table as shown below:
  • Make Your Money Last In Retirement (Pt. 2)
    This is the second of two pieces on how to avoid outliving your money, featuring the wisdom of AdviceIQ advisor Jeff Rose, the founder of Alliance Wealth Management in Carbondale, Ill.
  • What's The Difference Between My Health Insurance Deductible And Out-Of-Pocket Max?
    Navigating your health insurance options can be difficult when you don’t know how cost-sharing works. Understanding concepts like deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums is important in choosing the best plan for your needs.
  • Buyer Beware: 4 Black Friday Pitfalls To Avoid
    How to protect yourself from scammers, bad deals and cyber attacks this Black Friday and all holiday season.
  • Widows Face Years Of Undue Financial Hardship
    That's what a new survey finds, but there's a way to avoid this.
  • Thank$giving: A Money $tory
    Do you live in a bubble? Perhaps you live in a community where financial success is pretty much assumed. Where no one talks about money or hardship. Perhaps they even look at money as a symbol of their success.
  • No Hotel? No Problem
    The rise of the share economy and peer-to-peer networks means that there are tons of non-hotel options for accommodation while traveling.
  • How Practicing Gratitude Can Transform Your Finances
    Feeling a little bah-humbug? These five tales prove that giving thanks is as good for your finances as it is for your soul.
  • There's Money To Be Made With Tech's Second Acts
    Validea's stock screens based on legendary guru strategies are finding a number of solid tech stocks to be attractive right now.
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