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  • Money Advice For Same-Sex Couples After Supreme Court Ruling
    In light of the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling, same-sex couples need to be proactive to take advantage of the spousal benefits they are entitled to receive.
  • 10 Things Every College Grad Needs To Know About Money
    One Stanford student thought “paid vacation” meant that her boss would pay for all her travel and leisure activities. Another didn’t know there was such a thing as a water bill, and a third threatened to call the police and report the work study office because it was letting the government withhold money from her paycheck.
  • Military Members Better At Monitoring Their Money
    Compared with the rest of the U.S. population, military families are doing a better job at keeping tabs on their personal finances.
  • The Advantages Of Belonging To An Angel Group
    Angel investing as an asset class is continuing to grow and many accredited investors want to learn how they can best get involved. When I’m asked that question I have one simple answer—start with a local angel group. There is no better way to simplify the complexities of angel investing than by working alongside like-minded angels. There are many good choices for investing, from investing on their own or informally with friends, to using on-line platforms for accredited investors and working with local startup accelerators.
  • Losing Sleep? Your Wallet Is To Blame.
    According to three new studies, all released this week, Americans are seriously stressed about their finances. After examining the state of savings, spending, and financial stress in the U.S, all three studies found that while Americans aren't totally floundering when it comes to managing their household finances, they're feeling under-confident and over-stressed when it comes to what's in (or, in some cases, not in) their wallets.
  • Tactics To Delay Repaying Your Student Loan Debt
    There are ways to delay repaying your student loans - either student loan deferment or forbearance - but borrowers need to be aware of the consequences of not paying their student loans.
  • Is Credit Monitoring Worth The Cost?
    Businesses in the U.S. are beefing up their data security.
  • Whose Retirement Directions Are You Following?
    What if I told you the retirement directions you are following may lead you to a dead end? One where there is little room to turn-around and get back.
  • 2016-2017 College Financial Aid Formula Penalizes Middle Class $8,000
    The 2016-2017 update to the federal college aid formula (Federal Need Analysis Methodology) has been announced, and like recent years it penalizes middle class families even more. For families that save at all, the change in the formula has penalized them by almost $8,000 over four years of college, raising their out-of-pocket cost of college.
  • Health Insurance Premiums Are Rising Faster Than Income
    Health insurance premiums have become the elephant in the room. Over the past decade, premiums have risen at a much faster rate than personal income, squeezing the budget of millions of Americans. What can be done? Get the facts in this informative article.


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