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  • Ask An Expert: What Are Your Vintage Signed Baseballs Worth ?
    What you need to know about genuine vintage signed baseballs versus facsimiles. Your real ball is worth $1K to $2K while a stamped one goes for $25 to $50.
  • The Law Of Unintended Consequences -- And Your Money
    A dentist kills a beloved lion and ruins his life.
  • How Consumers Are Reacting To Rising Health Costs
    What experts on a recent panel said about this Obamacare season, the high-deductible pinch and the outlook for drug prices.
  • Why This UCBerkley Single Mom Can't Get Off Welfare
    I recently visited an old friend, a 40-year-old woman I've known for 25 years, who graduated from University of California Berkley with an economics degree and worked in Silicon Valley in marketing before returning to her hometown of Milwaukee 10 years ago. We recently bonded over our single motherhood, and she shared about her financial situation, which is largely subsidized by state benefits. My friend is an example of the middle class stuck in a grey zone-- earning a middle-class income, but unable to afford a modest existence without government help. The benefits are so valuable that she is not motivated to earn any more than she does, lest she lose her state benefits.
  • Social Security Q&A: Quiz Question -- Can Minor Children Collect on My Record?
    Larry had a go at a recent survey on Social Security. We're reprinting his answers and his comments on the questions.
  • College Applicant Cheat Sheet: 15 Must-Reads For Getting Into The Right College
    All you need to know to successfully navigate the college admissions process can be found on this page.
  • Why Your Work Ethic Was Probably Shaped By Mom And Dad
    You've got your mom's eyes and your dad's chin?but did you know that you may have inherited their work ethic, too? Here's how.
  • Meet Cryptonomex's Dan Larimer And His 'Four Horsemen' Of Crypto-Economics
    “I’ve never gone into battle with this much ammo in all my time at Lockheed Martin and SAIC,” says Stan Larimer, a 40-year veteran of the American aerospace industry and President of Cryptonomex Inc., a US software development firm whose engineers have built what is touted as one the “most advanced blockchain architectures” and platforms on the market - OpenLedger.   The system is said to be capable of processing over 100,000 transactions per second with an average transaction time approaching one second. And, while confirmations can take many seconds - by contrast on bitcoin it can take an hour according to Larimer. So we’re talking here about a system that is pretty damn fast by any standards with high volume throughput.   Mr Larimer, who served with Boeing and has taught rocket science at the US Air Force Academy no less - contributing on 17 different R&D programs for air, ground, sea and space systems - reveals a new development is on the cards.   As these things sometimes go and keeping things in the family, it was Stan's son Dan Larimer, the inventor and visionary and CEO of Cryptonomex, who hired his father to run the company. Larimer Jnr. is a developer to OpenLedger, which allows trading of digital assets around the globe that officially launches this Tuesday (13 October) after two years and three breakthroughs in development.  
  • You're Better Off Staying Fully Invested At All Times
    Mark Oelschlager: I will talk in particular about the Pin Oak Equity Fund (POGSX). Oak Associates has been in business for 30 years, and during those 30 years we've operated under three core investment principles that we adhere to. One is that we take a long-term approach, and along with that comes low turnover. So we're truly looking at the long-term opportunities for a company rather than trying to play the short-term trading game. It’s counterintuitive, but we think that in today's increasingly short-term oriented environment that long-term mindset is an even greater advantage. The second principle is that we manage concentrated portfolios. We've always believed that our clients are better off holding our 30 best ideas rather than our 100 best ideas.
  • Earnings Parade Won't Rest This Week as Banks Could Set the Mood
    There’s much to chew on in the stock market this week, not limited to an intensifying earnings line-up that features big banks and some potentially sensitive economic readings for a Federal Reserve likely still mulling the timing of the first interest rate hike since 2006.


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