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  • How To Lend Money To Family Or Friends (If You Must)
    Money pros often advise against lending cash to relatives or buddies. But if you need to, follow these rules to make the transaction work for both parties.
  • Four Things To Consider Before Establishing A Roth 401(k)
    Roth 401(k)s offer many great features and benefits but do have some hidden land mines that can complicate other saving strategies and tax situations.
  • Berkshire's Charlie Munger: The Legendary Investor's Strategy And Best ETF, Mutual Fund Picks
    As Warren Buffett’s partner and vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB), Charlie Munger’s net worth is estimated at $1.23 billion. Tren Griffin, Microsoft's sr. director of strategy, explains how Munger beat the Dow Jones Industrial Average a phenomenal 13 years in a row by a whopping 15 percentage points on average. He also shares Munger’s best quotes and how individual investors can invest like Munger with exchange-traded and mutual funds.
  • The 10 Best Wannabe Warren Buffett Stocks
  • The Market Downturn: What Our Planners Are Doing
    Unless you have been hiding in a cave somewhere or have managed to tune out financial media reports in the past few weeks, you probably are aware of the recent stock market downturn. As an unbiased provider of financial wellness services, Financial Finesse has a pretty unique perspective during these types of market events that impact everyday investors. The unique aspect is found in the unbiased approach, meaning we do not sell any financial products or manage investments. This allows us to provide financial guidance to employees of various corporations and organizations without any potential conflict of interest or hidden agenda.
  • How To Avoid Panicking When The Market Plummets
    The major factor in investment success is not how the market behaves but how you behave. Selling in a panic will short-circuit your long-term returns.
  • Prenups: I Do Or Don't At Any Age
    There isn't a way to romanticize the word "prenup," but it is imperative that you have this important conversation before marriage. If you're being honest with yourself, you know that a prenup is a good idea. So, what's the hesitation? Here are some reasons why a prenup is underlined with love.
  • Why Do So Many Men Buy Motorcycles They Can't Afford After Divorce?
    When my husband and I separated five years ago, one of the very first things he did was buy a school-bus yellow BMW motorcycle -- with matching jacket, helmet and boots.
  • 7 Emerging Fintech Players In Top Latin American Markets
    From Clip to iZettle, companies expanding in Latin America are offering services for the unbanked and for small merchants.
  • Why College Ratings Are Better Than Rankings: A Wiser Way To A College Choice
    Parents go to great lengths to help their children make the best college choice; they often rely on rankings, even though they may not be the best way to choose.  There is in fact a big difference between college rankings and ratings, as a proponent of the latter explained to me.  If Edward "Ted" Fiske didn't create the college guidebook genre 31 years ago, he may well have perfected it.  The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2016 started off as The New York Times Selective Guide to Colleges when he was Education Editor of the Times.  Because Ted has been looking at this landscape for decades, I asked him some questions.  Along the way, he explained why ratings are better than rankings.


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