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  • Millennials Choose Cash -- And Why That's Not So Great
    Some two out of five Millenials—39%—prefer cash as the long-term investment for money they don’t need for at least 10 years, according to a new report, roughly three times the number who chose the stock market. That’s a perilous pick.
  • What Maxing Out Your Social Security Benefits Looks Like In Dollars
    To highlight how the dollar-return to maxing out your Social Security depends on the particulars, I’m going to consider several fictitious households so I can hone in on exactly what I want to illustrate. Let’s start with Joe the Plumber.
  • Perspective And Preparedness For Divorcing Women
    Perspective And Preparedness For Divorcing Women Years ago, divorce was something discussed in hushed tones, as if it were something terrible and scandalous. Fortunately, divorce no longer carries as heavy a stigma –and that’s mostly because it’s so much more common than it used to be. With so many people having been divorced, who’s left to do the stigmatizing? Even if we’re not divorced, we all have friends or family members who have been through it . . . and what’s more, people who stay married aren’t always so satisfied that they feel they can look down on those who choose to divorce. (Divorced women are often surprised to find that some of their married friends actually envy them!) As Abby Rodman points out in her recent article at, we’ll all be better off when ingrained societal messages about divorce become more neutral than negative. Our cultural mindset needs to shift toward acceptance and the realization that divorce is simply something that happens to some couples. We don’t all have to be aboard the “conscious uncoupling” train, but we do need to fully understand that a woman shouldn’t be ostracized just because she’s getting a divorce.
  • Broker's Bankruptcy Filings Keep Them In Business, But Potentially Put You At Peril
    Is your investment representative’s bankruptcy your business? It should be. But Wall Street—as usual—is fighting full disclosure, and bankruptcy courts may be helping them temporarily do it.
  • Best ETFs for Traders: Municipal Bonds
    Do you want to speculate on when we’ll get the next Detroit or Puerto Rico? You could do that buying and selling a municipal bond ETF. The table below shows the ones that are the cheapest to trade and hold for a brief period.
  • 7 Tips For A Better Retirement
    What retirees can do now for a better retirement later.
  • Maximize Your After-Tax Returns With Proper Asset Location
    Maximize your after-tax returns with proper asset location. Tax-free, tax-deferred, and after-tax are not nearly the same thing.
  • Use Of Condo By Son Blows 1031 Exchange For State Tax Purposes
    The like-kind exchange (Code Section 1031) is one of the most powerful non-recognition provisions.  Although, it is applicable to many types of property, it is particularly valuable in real estate, since all real estate in the United States is like-kind to all other real estate.  Thus when Richard and Genna Johnson sold a 20-acre parcel of bare land in Ashton, Idaho, it was, OK, in principle, for them to exchange for a condominium in Driggs, Idaho.  Unfortunately, there is another more overarching rule, that they neglected causing the Minnesota Tax Court to agree with the Commissioner of Revenues forcing them to recognize the $144,372 gain from the bare land. (Sorry, cannot find a free link to the decision).
  • Why Elliot Management's EMC Breakup Proposal Won't Help Its Stock Price
    A New York hedge fund manager is slapping Hopkinton’s EMC (in which I have no financial stake) in the face – demanding that the storage technology provider break up its Federation. Should EMC -- which on July 23 reported earnings that met expectations and raised EPS guidance by a penny a share -- fight back or comply? I would suggest selling the company to the highest bidder.
  • 10 Terrible Pieces Of Retirement Advice
    Bad advice becomes all the more damaging when opportunities to correct it are scant. Fact is, problems in your golden years are quite hard to solve once you retire.


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