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  • 2 Stocks With The Wind At Their Back
    Morris Mark: We run two interrelated investment disciplines: a group of investment partnerships that we started about 29 years ago and an investment management, long-only separate account business. While the partnerships have more flexibility and can do some shorting, both of them have a core investment approach, which is to focus on the generation of substantial long-term capital appreciation through the utilization of intensive, fundamental research.
  • From Selling A Website At 10 To Building A Social Network At 17
    Connecticut's Max Beaumont is aiming Facebook-high with the creation of his social network, Chains.
  • Holiday Shoppers Spend Less Because They're Richer, Not Poorer
    As a member of the media, I feel compelled to tell you a secret: The press loves to scare you. Negative sells, and facts are not routinely checked.
  • Please Don't Give To Charity, But If Give You Must...
    Americans love giving to charity. I wish they didn't, because charity is a luxury they cannot afford. With 30 years of retirement coming at them like a freight train and pennies in the piggy bank, their charity had better begin at home. Otherwise, they are effectively planning to become charity cases themselves. They need to top off their retirement accounts, pay off their credit card debt, and live within their means before handing out checks to others. Philanthropy is best played as a rich person's sport, or at least one for the comfortably middle-class (which is to say, rich).
  • The Top Ten Tax Cases (And Rulings) Of 2014: #2: Loving And Ridgely Take On The IRS
    It's finally over. The October 15th tax deadline is behind us, which means for tax practitioners, our return filings are mercifully finished for the year. Unless of course, you chose to make your career in the not-for-profit world, in which case you deserve the extra month of misery.
  • 7 Tips For A Better Retirement
    What retirees can do now for a better retirement later.
  • The Biggest, Year-end Move For Your 401(k) Plan
    If you were to do one thing in your 401(k) to make a huge difference for your future savings, what would it be?
  • Willful Tax Evader Jailed Despite Cloak Of Religious Observance
    IRS can't tax churches, but making yourself a church could mean a real life vow of poverty, and possibly even a monk's cell!
  • Four Reasons to Not Invest in Your 401(k)
    A rule of thumb that savers are often advised to adhere to is that it is important to maximize contributions to workplace retirement plan before considering investing elsewhere.
  • Social Security Q&A: Is Filing and Suspending with a Disabled Child Still A Good Idea?
    Today’s question asks if filing and suspending to allow a spouse's benefit and a disabled child's benefit might be advantageous. The answer considers possible eligibility for a child-in-care spouse's benefit and reviews the possible effects of both the family benefit maximum and the earnings test on all potential auxiliary benefits that might be allowable after filing and suspending.


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