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  • Top 10 Reasons to Thank Your Financial Advisor
    As Thanksgiving approaches, you should give thanks for the very good advisors who serve their clients well. There are solid reasons to stay with these professionals in good times and bad, while (of course) checking up on them from time to time.
  • How Retirees Fail During The Holidays
    Holidays come with expectations, some of which may be difficult for retirees to measure up to, especially those those associated with money and blended family dynamics.
  • The Truth About The Keystone XL Pipeline
    The Keystone Pipeline has garnered a great deal of media coverage which has fostered strong feelings on both sides of the argument. Should it be approved or should it be stopped? That is the subject of this article. If you don't fully understand the facts, you'll want to read this so you can form an educated opinion.
  • Why These 2 Stocks Could Gain As Much As 60%
    Joel Salomon: SaLaurMor Management was started up about 18 months ago. It's a long/short equity hedge fund focused on financial institutions. We have a differentiated approach to investing. We analyze insurance company balance sheets and regulatory filings for risk-based capital requirements.
  • Why Affluent Women Love Building Wealth -- But Loathe Investing
    Over 90% of affluent females say they enjoy making money?and yet less than half take the lead on investment decisions. What gives?
  • The Single Most Critical Factor In Helping Minimize Taxes -- Part 2
    Business owners tend to focus on driving firm value & don't plan for the large tax due on a company's sale. Holders of stock concentrations forego diversification because they improperly believe they are trapped by taxes.
  • Tis The Season To Be Scammed
    Don't let any of these five cons ruin your holidays.
  • The Top Ten Tax Cases (And Rulings) of 2014: #5-Is The Sale Of A Right To Buy Land Ordinary Income Or Capital Gain?
    It's finally over. The October 15th tax deadline is behind us, which means for tax practitioners, our return filings are mercifully finished for the year. Unless of course, you chose to make your career in the not-for-profit world, in which case you deserve the extra month of misery.
  • Acting More Like A Start-Up Makes Microsoft A Better Investment
    The practice of business strategy as it's been taught in business schools puts big companies at a competitive disadvantage to startups. Amazon and Google grew from startups to giants with that realization firmly in mind.
  • 5 Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs for At-Home Parents
    The delicate balance between being making money for your family and being available for the people you love is an ongoing tight-rope dance for many families. Working from home sounds like an attractive compromise. But with poor-paying, time-sucking gigs and flat-out scams, it is hard to know what is legitimate.


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