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  • UBS Too Dirty To Sue Billionaire Offshore Tax Cheat, Judge Rules
    Decision comes in malicious prosecution lawsuit the bank and UBS whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld had brought against real estate developer Igor Olenicoff.  
  • How To Take A Stress-Free Vacation From Work
  • Don't Make This Mistake With Your 401(k) This Summer
    Vacations are good for you.
  • American Airlines' 787 Dreamliner Nightmare
    American Airlines probably thought it was making the right move when it bought seven Boeing 787 Dreamliners. After all, as I noted in my book, You Can't Order Change, the $166 million 250 to 330 seat aircraft was known for using 20% less fuel -- thus the profits from filling them up would be higher.
  • 7 Ways to Pay Less for Textbooks
    If you’re among the more than 20 million students heading to college this fall, you’ve probably already started stocking up on school supplies. If this is your first time buying college textbooks, get ready for some serious sticker shock.
  • Hillary Clinton, My New Investment Advisor
    Mrs. Clinton wants to become my new investment advisor.  She thinks I am too focused on the short-term, one-year investment horizon.  Surprisingly, it turns out the best way to restore yogic "balance" to the U.S. economy is to raise my capital gains taxes for an extra six years. Mrs. Clinton’s Proposed Capital Gains Rate for Top-Income-Bracket Taxpayers Duration of Gain Clinton’s Proposal Current Rate <1 year 39.6% 39.6% 1-2 years 39.6% 20% 2-3 years 36% 20% 3-4 years 32% 20% 4-5 years 28% 20% 5-6 years 24% 20% 6+ years 20% 20%
  • 4 Reasons Credit Score Tips Can Be Useless
    We are obsessed with credit scores in America. I regularly host financial literacy seminars. During those seminars, participants have the ability to ask questions. And rather than asking about how to get out of debt, plan for retirement or save money, the majority of questions inevitably focus on credit scoring. We have somehow convinced ourselves that having a good credit score means that we have achieved financial success. Credit scores have even become a factor in dating, with some dating websites helping people filter potential partners based upon their FICO score range.
  • Make Your Short-Term Bond Investment Work Smarter
    Many different types of short-term products have been introduced to the marketplace during the Fed’s historic low rate regime, some highly sophisticated and technical, some more traditional.
  • Making More But Spending More? How to Hack Lifestyle Inflation Creep
    Despite moving to a cheaper city—and collecting a fatter salary—Elaine’s costs keep creeping up, up, up. A CFP offers advice.
  • What Happens If You Fumble In Retirement?
    At some point, everyone fumbles in retirement which makes it more important than ever to have the right team behind you.


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