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  • What Do You Mean The Market Makes You Nervous?
    China devalued its currency!
  • Home and Family with Mark Steines: 5 Financial Planning Focuses
    Born in a small town in Iowa and quickly hitting the red carpet in Hollywood as a three-time Emmy Winner, Mark Steins has worked diligently throughout his life to get where he is today. While well known for his 17 year tenure on Entertainment Tonight, where he interviewed hundreds of A-list actors, producers, musicians and athletes, his success did not come all at once. Mark has a unique sense of direction and has used that direction and hard work to obtain the success he enjoys today. He didn’t just wake up one day and decide that he wanted to be on TV; Mark’s lifelong dedication for radio and television started at a young age.
  • How To Avoid Grass-Is-Greener Failures: The Virtual Test-Drive
    A friend of mine had a lifelong dream of opening up a coffee shop and was willing to put a highly successful career on the line to pursue it. Fortunately, he was presented with an amazing opportunity to test-drive his grass-is-greener ideal, and the results might surprise you and offer guidance that you can apply to your next big decision.
  • Social Security Q&A: What if My Mom Never Divorced before Remarrying?
    Write back and tell us how this turns out. But be up front with Social Security. We don’t want your mom carted off to jail for fraud.
  • Many Celebrity Entertainers Fail To Effectively Plan Their Estates
    Celebrity entertainers can amass significant wealth, and they can choose how and who will inherit. However, many celebrities do a less than optimal job of transferring their wealth to their heirs and to charitable organizations. Even though celebrities are often surrounded by advisors, this problem is somewhat pervasive.  
  • Saving For College: Three Times When It's Fine To Save In Your Child's Name
    If there is one thing parents and financial advisors know about financial aid for college, its that you shouldn't save in your child's name because assets in a child's name count against aid eligibility at 20-25%, compared to just 5-5.64% in parents' names. But there are three times when saving in your child's name won't negatively impact college aid eligibility.
  • 7 Overlooked Risks When Your Child Goes To College
    When a child goes away to college parents need to be aware of these seven overlooked risks and how to protect against them to ensure safety and insure the family's assets.
  • Saving For College? It's Time To Look At The Private College 529 Plan
    Parents who want to avoid the volatility and potential losses of the stock market while saving for a child's private college education should consider the Private College 529 Plan, which allows parents to purchase plan tuition certificates at 270 of the nation's top private colleges at today's prices, earning a rate -of-return equivalent to the rise in tuition prices at individual colleges between now and when a child enrolls. Yes, you can choose to go to a college not in the plan. There are options and flexibility.
  • Buy A Rental Property To Pay For College: Save On Taxes And Tuition With No Room And Board
    With college costs pushing ever higher, buying a rental property for your child to live in can be a savvy college funding, tax and retirement move. You can pick up all of the traditional tax deductions from owning a rental property, hire your child to manage the place and use his net income to pay for tuition with little or no tax. The rent the roommates pay can help pay the mortgage.
  • Federal Government Deficit Is Rising As National Debt Expands
    The federal government has amassed the highest fiscal deficits in U.S. history! Congressional overspending has pushed the national debt to well over $18 trillion! In this article, you'll find a chart with the federal budget surplus or shortfall from 1900 to the present. We'll reveal when the deficits began to spike and why.
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