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  • Kate Bosworth Selling Airy Los Angeles Abode For $2.5 Million
    Kate Bosworth is selling her airy and Bohemian-esque Los Angeles home for $2,499,000!
  • Here Is a Method That Is Helping Renters Save Money
    Whether you’re responsible for your utilities and want to save money or your landlord covers your water bill but you want to conserve, there are lots of ways to save on your water bill. Many of them are very creative and incredibly effective. It’s important to save water wherever you can, even if you’re not paying for it yourself.
  • 6 Places in Your Home You Aren't Saving Energy (But Could)
    You’re already in the habit of turning off lights in unused rooms, you use your programmable thermostat properly, and always unplug your coffee pot and toaster oven when they’re not in use. Maybe you think you know all there is about saving energy and living green. Chances are, however, there are still ways to cut your bills even lower, making your wallet and lifestyle just that much greener.
  • Global Movement Of Organic Farms Seeks To Educate And Inspire
    Traveling the world affordably, exchanging your labor for room and board on an organic farm? Sounds like a crazy idea but for 80,000 intrepid volunteers that crazy idea is their perfect adventure.
  • How To Balance Enjoying Life With Saving For Your Goals
    In my experience, people tend to fall in one of two camps with regard to their finances. The first type lives for today, attempting to enjoy life to the fullest now while sacrificing his or her future. The second focuses on saving for the long term, sacrificing for their future, but often at the expense of enjoying life today. Those “living for today” may not actually be enjoying life as much as they’d like, because of the nagging feeling that there isn’t enough in their savings accounts if an emergency struck, or that they aren’t even close to being on track to retire someday. According to 2013 research by Financial Finesse, financial stress continues to be a common issue among working Americans: 83% of employees reported experiencing financial stress.  Trying to plan your financial life can feel like juggling too many goals at once, and you may feel like you’re not mastering any of them. One reason for this perception is that financial planning is an ongoing process, not something you can simply check off your to-do list. This process can sometimes seem like endless drudgery that gets you nowhere. Think about the basketball player who is practicing free throws in his front yard. Practice makes perfect, as they say, but let’s face it: There is a big difference between practicing free throws and the intensity of a game.
  • 11 Life Hacks – For Your Wallet
    Shortcuts and tricks that will save you money and help your bottom line
  • 4 Steps To Reaching Your Money Goals -- Faster!
    There are two mindsets: The first can help you reach your goals. The other can hold you back. Here's how to adopt the right one.
  • Momentum-Stock Doubters Get Walloped As Facebook and Apple Reignite
    As Google, Facebook and Apple reignite, momentum plays are back on track.
  • Why The Average Investor's Investment Return Is So Low
    The S&P 500 is up more than seven percent over the last ten years but the average investor has gained less than three percent. Why?
  • How To Withdraw Your Retirement Money
    Set up a withdrawal policy statement to govern how and when you take money out of your retirement account.


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