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TV viewers opting out of cable by use of streaming alternatives

Taxes due April 18th

Local apartment growth booms in Bowling Green

How to protect yourself from credit/debit card fraud

BGWC Regional Airport announces 2017 commercial flights

Duvall hopes to speed up wait times with office expansion

Ruler Foods expands in Russellville

10 year anniversary of Apple's iPhone

Local boutiques benefit from big retailers closing

Last minute shoppers still hitting the stores

The most theft-worthy time of the year

Local Black Friday preps

Samsung recalls washing machines, injuries reported

Glasgow EPB offers new rate

Glasgow city council meet to discuss EPB rate hike

EPB explains peak hour charge, what it means during the heat

Woman says scammers claim they are a part of ISIS

Wendy's says more than 1,000 restaurants affected by hack, 3 in Bowling Green

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