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GOP Senators to work out kinks in Tax Reform Bill before next week's vote

Sen. Rand Paul thanks supporters

No public money used to settle sexual harassment case

Ex-Kentucky speaker out of hospital following resignation

Judge rules for, against Kentucky political rivals

Lawmaker wants ethics probe of sexual harassment settlement

Local state representative's comment on sexual harassment allegations

Pecan farmers pushing for fewer trade barriers

Rand Paul returning to Washington following assault

House GOP replaces 3 committee chairmen after allegations

Pension plan for teachers would cost taxpayers $4.4 billion

Democratic leaders respond to Republican's independent investigation on harassment allegations

Bipartisan lawmakers join problem solving group in a divided Congress

Bump stocks at center of debate on Capitol Hill

Man denied marriage license weighing candidacy

How Republicans plan to sell tax reform

USVI Rep. calling out Congress for their share of blame for extent of hurricane damage

Local teachers attend pension rally and express their disapproval for the proposal

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