August 31, 2015

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Sea Strike: Dock Landing Ships

Description: Dock Landing Ships support amphibious operations including landings via Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC), conventional landing craft and helicopters, onto hostile shores.

Background: These ships transport and launch amphibious craft and vehicles with their crews and embarked personnel in amphibious assault operations.

LSD 41 was designed specifically to operate LCAC vessels. It has the largest capacity for these landing craft (four) of any U.S. Navy amphibious platform. It will also provide docking and repair services for LCACs and for conventional landing craft.

In 1987, the Navy requested $324.2 million to fund one LSD 41 (Cargo Variant). The ship differs from the original LSD 41 by reducing its number of LCACs to two in favor of additional cargo capacity.


  • USS Whidbey Island Little Creek, VA
  • USS Germantown San Diego, CA
  • USS Fort McHenry Sasebo, Japan
  • USS Gunston Hall Little Creek, VA