October 7, 2015

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Race for Governor: Ben Chandler

Ben Chandler has delivered dramatic results for the people of the Commonwealth by combining new ideas for Kentucky’s future with the bold leadership necessary to see them through.

Chandler was first elected Attorney General of Kentucky in 1995, becoming the youngest Attorney General in the nation at that time. His 20-percent victory margin was the largest in Kentucky’s 1995 election.

In 1999, Chandler was reelected without opposition to a second term as Attorney General, receiving more votes than any candidate for statewide office. He previously served a four-year term as Kentucky State Auditor, where he developed the reputation of a strong fighter against government waste and corruption.

Time and again, Chandler has demonstrated the courage and independence to stand up to anyone in order to better the lives of Kentuckians. His record as the state’s top law enforcement officer reflects a commitment to ensure that Kentucky’s laws and government work on behalf of the people.

Chandler won passage of Kentucky’s telemarketing “No Call” list, the nation’s toughest law aimed at protecting Kentucky seniors and families from the annoying and often fraudulent calls of telemarketers.

Chandler recovered $45 million in charitable funds once belonging to the former Kentucky Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Company, placing the funds in a foundation to benefit the health care of all Kentuckians. He has taken action to protect Kentucky seniors, winning the largest criminal penalty for patient neglect and abuse against a nursing home operator in American history.

Chandler established a program dedicated solely to helping senior citizens protect themselves from crime, fraud, and abuse. He launched one of the nation’s first efforts towards investigating the rapidly increasing crime of financial identity theft. He also created a public corruption unit in his office, comprised of former FBI agents and state police detectives, to specialize in uncovering government corruption.

Chandler fought successfully for the passage of Kentucky’s “Megan’s Law” to protect women and children from sexual offenders, as well as legislation to increase the amount of restitution that all criminals must pay to the victims of their crimes. He also worked to strengthen Kentucky’s laws against consumer scams, prescription drug abuse, and offenses against the elderly.

Chandler graduated with distinction from the University of Kentucky with a B.A. in history, and holds a J.D. from the University of Kentucky College of Law.

Born on September 12, 1959, Chandler lives in Woodford County, Kentucky with his wife Jennifer and their three children – Lucie, Albert IV, and Branham. The Chandlers are members of Pisgah Presbyterian Church.

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