WATCH - Barren County Schools excusing absences on Eclipse Day

Several schools in the area are choosing to not be in session on eclipse day, but Barren County has decided to do something a little different.

WATCH: Rain Moves Out, Sunshine Moves In

Eclipse Day Looking Hot And Muggy

WATCH: Solar Eclipse plans at WKU

WKUs campus lies in the path of totality and will experience just over a minute of total darkness.

WATCH: EMS works to prepare for medical emergencies during eclipse

The EMS and emergency departments are working to ensure medical safety for our community here in Bowling Green.

Thursday Night High School Volleyball

Greenwood and South Warren post Thursday night wins in high school volleyball.

WATCH: SKYCTC helps students, staff prepare for total solar eclipse

Only a few days separate us from the total solar eclipse.

WATCH: Local business owners talk economic impact of WKU

As local business owners explain, the impact of all these of Hilltoppers moving to town extends far beyond "The Hill" itself.


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