Bowling Green for Peace holds peaceful protest in Downtown Bowling Green

Updated: Jun. 13, 2020 at 7:49 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - ‘Bowling Green for Peace’ held a protest on Saturday evening at Fountain Square Park with one goal in mind - for their voices to be heard.

“Hatred and evil and discrimination is not something that is grown in the flesh it is grown in the heart and in the mind. I am half black and half white and all human, as are you and you and everyone in this crowd. We cannot let our complexion divide us because under our skin we are all the same and we all deserve the same rights responsibilities, privileges, and love,” said Sandie Branham, speaker.

For several weeks now, peaceful protests have been held in Bowling Green. At each protest, the numbers of participants are continuing to grow. The increase hasn’t gone unnoticed by the organizers.

“It’s inspiring just to see all the people coming out and just hearing our voices and they want to come out and join with us and seeing all the people that are in this, it has been great,” said Joshua Hudson, Bowling Green for Peace.

Bowling Green for Peace has also has started a bail fund and a mutual aid fund to help out anyone they can.

“Just for general awareness we have a bail fund and we have a mutual aid fund for any struggling businesses around here or people around here that need help. It has borderline turned into a labor union almost in terms of what we are doing trying to protect people and lift people up. It is about not even just black lives matter just inter-sectional solidarity between class, race, and gender overall just anybody at the bottom just gets picked back up,” said Derik Overstreet, Bowling Green for Peace.

They have over 1000 dollars in their mutual aid and bail funds already.

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