Athletic directors feel confident in having enough space for team workouts

Athletic directors working with teams to best utilize limited campus space.
Warren Central Football Field
Warren Central Football Field(Hunter Smith)
Published: Jun. 16, 2020 at 4:05 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - High school teams are practicing social distancing in order to take part in summer workouts. Many of the workouts are taking place outdoors which means teams are competing for limited space on their school’s campus.

Athletic directors are confident in campuses having enough space for teams to conduct workouts while also practicing safe social distancing.

“We’ve got them spread out all throughout the complex,” said Jonathan Vincent, Warren East Athletic Director. “We use almost every possible space that we can.”

To help keep the number of athletes on campus low, AD’s and coaches have staggered team workouts throughout the day.

“We kind of let the coaches pick when they wanted to go,” said Jason Esters, Warren Central Athletic Director. “When they started sending things in, none of them really overlapped. We’ve had a couple of issues but we’re kind of alternating who gets that priority based on the season they’re in.”

“We made up a spreadsheet to know what sports are going at what time, what part of the school facility that they are using,” Vincent said. “To make sure that we don’t have too many sports on one field, too many sports in one area, too many sports that are using the same entrance ways.”

Some teams currently have workout slots during the afternoon. One concern going forward for AD’s is when the summer heat begins to increase, more coaches will push for a morning or evening slot to avoid the afternoon heat. Esters said since coaches are focused on getting players back into shape, the heat isn’t a major issue. However, once coaches begin implementing game plans for the season, beating the heat will become more of a factor in their practice time.

“Once segment three opens up and we got a little bit more equipment involved and more game planning, I think that’s when we might start narrowing down the time frames and that’s where it maybe an issue,” Esters said. “Typically, we have it in place, fall sports have priority.”

“If we tell our coaches, hey you’re going to change up your practice times, to where we can make sure we meet that social distancing, they’re going to be willing to do that,” Vincent said. “You may go in the morning one day and go in the evening the next.”

Both Esters and Vincent are hopeful that gym restriction will loosen as time goes on and teams such as volleyball and basketball can return to being full-time indoors. This would help free up space outdoors.

“I’m hoping that maybe the facilities will open a little bit more too,” Esters said. “As these segments increase and time increases, I’m hoping that if it gets too hot we can get the football team into the gym. Luckily we have an indoor baseball/softball facility we can get some people in as well.”

“The plan is in two weeks that we’re going to open a few more things up, get a few more kids in, few more practices going,” Vincent said. “Hopefully it will just get better each and every week after that.”

Esters and Vincent said their coaches are working to meet the guideline set by the KHSAA and keep their players safe.

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