Healthy at School guidelines; “Parents at home can help a lot by being positive”

Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 5:37 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - The state released its ‘Healthy at School’ guidelines as school districts prepare to resume in-person teaching in the fall. While many school districts have yet to release an official plan for the fall semester, educators and leaders are asking for patience during this unprecedented and likely fluid time.

"We cannot predict what the future is going to hold," said Patrice McCrary, retired Warren County teacher and member of the Kentucky Department of Education.

Social distancing, mask wearing, temperature checks and frequent sanitation are all apart of the state's flagship document for schools come fall.

"We have witnessed a department of education, pulling together and coming up with several strategies for us in order to best meet the needs for all of our children and all of our family and at the same time we have some contingency plans in place," said Patrice McCrary.

She added that the recommendation is for schools to be able to make it optional for parents to either send their kids to school or continue distance learning.

"We have had representation across the Commonwealth from the stakeholders, so it's been a joint effort," said McCrary in regards to the guidance document.

Masks will only be required for children first grade and up, when kids are up moving around or when social distancing cannot happen.

However, students who have medical waivers can be excluded, according to the document.

"It's just one of the defenses that we have is it? No, it's not perfect but it's something and it will help get us back into school," said McCrary. "I'm asking parents, I'm asking teachers, community members just to be as positive as you can be about the mask wearing situation. We want to get our children back in school."

Ultimately, every single school district will have to decide what works best for them, but McCrary says that preparing children's attitude for these changes starts at home.

“Parents at home can help a lot by being positive about it around their children. I have seen teachers make the most mundane things absolutely exciting in the classroom,” said McCrary.

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