Warren County Parks and Recreation prep for their first games during the pandemic

Published: Jun. 27, 2020 at 5:31 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Youth sports are back in Bowling Green thanks to the folks at Warren County Parks and Recreation. Of the 13 youth leagues, WCPR normally offers, only four of those leagues are currently taking place this summer. Officials at parks and rec say that the return to the practice field for youth athletes have been running smoothly.

“And we’ve got kids on fields and everybody is abiding by the rules. And it looks a little bit different from what it was pre-COVID in March. But everybody is really helping us keep the facility, kids, and the families safe by following the CDC guidance, state guidance, and local health department,” said Chris Kummer of WCPR.

On Monday, July 6, WCPR will have its first sports game since March. Kummer says that there are plans in place for even the worst-case scenarios.

“As we go through this we do have response plans in place. And we have leagues self-checking their kids prior to practices and games. But if we did have an outbreak. If we did have a team or a player, parent, spectator, or coach that came down with COVID. We do have a system in place to disinfect and we can modify our policies and rules to deal with those situations.”

This is not an easy process, but a process that seems to be working currently due to the diligence and sacrifice of all of those involved.

“You can play youth sports but you have to get creative and be able to adapt. So you can still service the same amount of kids and families but you have to be able to adjust to this new normal.”

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