Barren County: Nearly 8,000 cast ballot in primary, slightly down in comparison to 2016

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 4:22 PM CDT
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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) - A week after the Kentucky primary election, official results will be released Tuesday.

Barren County Clerk, Helena Chase Birdwell, says nearly 8,000 voted in the primary either by absentee mail-in, early in-person voting or on election day at the county’s only polling location.

Here’s the breakdown of those voting numbers: 1,252 voted early in-person, 5,099 voted by absentee mail-in ballot and 1,595 voted in-person on election day. According to Birdwell, they received 6,440 applications requesting a mail-in absentee ballot.

In the 2016 presidential primary election, over 9,400 came out to vote in Barren County.

Birdwell added that some voters got their ballots and said they didn’t realize you had to vote with their registered party, so some just didn’t vote at all.

“You have to vote with your party. So I am wondering if some votes, when they received their ballots by mail, just decided, I don’t want to with my ballot, so they just didn’t vote and return it,” said Birdwell.

Some voters have also expressed that they weren’t comfortable with the options they were given to vote in this election.

“I think if they would have come either here to the office in person, or if they would have come out to Barren County High School and voted, I think they would have been pleased, because it was such a smooth process and we received a lot of compliments that day from the precinct workers that were there to the voters that showed up to vote in person and they were like, there were no lines.”

With the new voting process, Birdwell explains that they had a processing committee to help with counting this election. It was comprised of two republicans and two democrats who started helping processing votes early June.

“Those individuals that made up that processing committee were able to continue processing those ballots as they came in, and then if there were concerns, then they would set those to the side and the local board of elections would then make calls,” explained Birdwell.

The clerk says they have been tentatively advised by the Secretary of State’s office to wait to upload official results until tomorrow at 9 a.m. central time.

Meanwhile, the Associate Press is reporting results based on 80 percent of precincts.

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