Bowling Green nurse fighting for her life after contracting COVID-19

Published: Jul. 1, 2020 at 4:55 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Molly Dawson is a 25-year-old nurse in Bowling Green. But just 15 days ago, her life flipped upside down when she was hospitalized for COVID-19.

“A little over two weeks ago, she started to get sick with all of the typical symptoms of coronavirus - she had a fever and a headache, body ache, and a sore throat. She started to have a little shortness of breath. She tested twice during that week and she couldn’t understand why she knew she was sick,” said Patty Dawson, Molly’s mother.

Shortly after the first few days of symptoms, Molly was admitted to the ICU at Greenview Hospital where she worked.

“Two weeks ago today, I woke up to a text that said, ‘I am being admitted to the ICU,' and by the time I called [Molly], she was already on what is called a BiPAP machine - which is kind of a precursor to a ventilator - and so she couldn’t actually talk to me but she could text. I said, ‘Well, I can come down there,' and she said, ‘Well, they won’t let you in,‘” Dawson explained.

“By that evening, they had decided to intubate her because they couldn’t manage her breathing,” she continued. “I made the decision at that point that I was going to come down to Bowling Green in the morning, and on my way, I got a call from one of the nurses down there that said, ‘Well, we are considering moving her to a larger hospital to give her more treatment options.‘”

Less than 24 hours after notifying her mom she was in the hospital, Molly was life-flighted to Nashville.

Molly Dawson life-flighted to Nashville
Molly Dawson life-flighted to Nashville(Allison Baker)

“So I followed the helicopter down to Nashville and discovered that I would not be allowed into the hospital because it is a COVID unit, and so I have been in this hotel room ever since, waiting for twice-daily updates on what’s going on,” Dawson said. “Today is day 15.”

Molly’s mom is encouraging the public to take the virus seriously.

“It’s not serious to people until they know somebody who is affected by it,” said Dawson. “You know, I have heard so many times - ‘Oh it’s not real, I don’t know anybody who is sick, oh they just got sick and it was just like the flu; it wasn’t that bad - might as well just get it and get it over with.‘” It doesn’t always happen that way. I mean, look at Molly. She is in a hospital fighting the fight of her life.”

Patty said that her daughter could be in the hospital for several weeks.

“What they tell me is it is a marathon; it’s not a sprint. They expect that she could be on a ventilator for 4 to 6 weeks. She is a little bit more awake than she was, which is good, and she doesn’t have any other organs failing, which is good; but she is still incredibly sick and you know, we are just taking it day to day right now,” said Dawson.

Molly’s mom adds if you won’t wear a mask for yourself, wear one for her daughter.

“If you won’t put a mask on to protect yourself, then do it for someone else. Do it for somebody who is out there treating people with COVID-19 and is now sick as can be. Have a little consideration for other people. It is not that hard to put on a mask. She and her co-workers wear them for 12-hour shifts every day,” added Dawson.

There is a hashtag Molly’s friends have created and you can join in by posting a picture wearing a face mask with the tag, #MaskforMolly.

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