Exclusive: Amy McGrath talks with 13 News in first interview in SoKY since primary election

Published: Jul. 8, 2020 at 4:54 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - (D) Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate Amy McGrath spoke to 13 News on Wednesday in her first interview in south-central Kentucky since the primary election. McGrath spoke about a variety of topics related to her candidacy and issues affecting Kentuckians and the U.S.

REPORTER: “What are your thoughts on government officials who have connections to businesses that they own that received PPP loans?”

McGrath: “Well look I just think it’s apart of Washington swamp that people are just so darn tired of and you see these billions of dollars going into these aid packages and a lot of this money is going to these businesses and entities that either aren’t small businesses or aren’t using that when the way it was intended. We have got to get people number one who pass bills that have good intentions. But also have the ability to have the over sign that is needed. When you pass a major bill like this you’ve got to have a congress that steps up and recognizes that hey we’ve got to hold people accountable and businesses accountable. I don’t believe Senator Mitch McConnell does that. I don’t think when this coronavirus, the third bill that came down.”

Exclusive: Interview with Amy McGrath

(D) Candidate for U.S. Senate Amy McGrath spoke with 13 News today in her first interview in SoKY since the primary election. Tune into 13 News at 4/5/6/10 for more. WBKO Television Amy McGrath

Posted by Brandon Jarrett on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

REPORTER: "If I were to go to the poll today or if I were to cast my ballot right now, I'm looking at the candidates. What sets you apart from Mitch McConnell?"

McGrath: “Well the question is what doesn’t set me apart. I mean, look I am not a life long politician. No matter what side of the isle you’re on whether it’s red or blue, you name it. People are just tired of life long politicians that are just constantly breeding dysfunction in gridlock in Washington. We can’t get anything done. And I think most American’s look at that and say say, ‘Yeah, you’re right. We need new leaders.’ We need people who have served the country, who have proven that they can put their country above their political party, above their own personal interest who are not bought off by special interest. That is not a right or a left thing to say, it’s just what people want, it’s what I want. I’m someone that wants to go to Washington to work on some of these issues. The issues that are important to everyday Kentuckians like health care, prescription drugs and all that. But the big thing is, you know I also don’t want to be in Washington 40 years. This is why we need to elect people that care about term limits. That is not a left or right thing to say. Get in there, be a voice for Kentucky and then get out.”

“I will work with any president, no matter if that president wears a red jersey or a blue jersey to do what’s right for Kentucky or when it comes to the constitution of America that I swore to uphold and defend 6 times in my life,” said McGrath.

We Can't Trust #MoscowMitch

He was silent as Russia attacked our elections and dismissed Russia putting a bounty on American troops as “rumor.” Now, he won’t demand answers about who knew about the bounties and when. When it comes to national security, Mitch's Senate is the weakest in recent history.

Posted by Amy McGrath on Friday, July 3, 2020

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