Glasgow Superintendent releases plan for returning to school

Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 3:57 PM CDT
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Glasgow, Ky. (WBKO) -Through a video on Facebook, Glasgow Independent School District Superintendent Keith Hale announced plans for students to return to school in August. While most of the plan is already approved, the school board will set an official start date for students on Monday.

“We need to see our kids, and I feel our kids need to see us at this time,” said Superintendent Keith Hale.

Hale is proposing the first day of school be later than usual, on August 25. He said they will add about five or ten minutes onto each school day to make up for the time.

The school will go back to “traditional days,” while implementing the state’s Healthy at School mandates. The day will look different, as social distancing is implemented.

“We want to limit transitions through the day, where there’s a plan from everything from how to go to the bathrooms, to how are we are going to eat lunch, to how P.E. looks.”

Hale added students will have the option to learn from home by using an online program provided by the school.

“I will say that part of the process we can’t eliminate the risk of COVID, but we can, with your help, with our kids’ help, with our staff’s help we can reduce the risk,” explained Hale.

Multiple N.T.I. days are already on the calendar to allow staff to deep clean the schools.

“Throughout this process just know that our plan is a work in progress, and as we get new information, it could fluctuate a little bit,” said Hale.

The district is also going to operate on a “green light, yellow light, red light” system.

“Greenlight” means there are no confirmed COVID-19 cases in the district, and students can attend in-person classes. “Yellow light” means there are some positive cases and staff will increase precautions such as more hand sanitizing stations and canceling non-essential events. If the school is at the “red light” status, there would be several cases in the district and students would revert to learning from home.

The superintendent added the district will be flexible in the case that a student wants to return to in-person learning after staying at home, or vice versa. He said they will hold more briefing over Facebook with updated information as needed.

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