Hughes & Coleman Hometown Hero: Jeff Corder

Published: Jul. 31, 2020 at 6:11 PM CDT
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This week’s Hometown Hero, brought to you by Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -Every day hero’s like Jeff Corder are something special. Jeff has served the Bowling Green community as an EMS first responder and now as an ER nurse at the Medical Center.

“You see people whether it be with EMS or in the ER that you know are not always at the best point in their life and just being able to make a difference whether it’s trying to help them if they are sick or hurt or just holding the hand of a family member while they are dealing with a family emergency you just kind of see all aspects of that,” said Jeff Corder, hero.

Whether it’s holding a hand of a patient or being there for family members during emergency situations, not only does Jeff help those in the ER he also helps train new nurses and works with students.

"With his background in EMS he has kind of been like a mentor to many people he helps out with students from the university around as well as he helps train new registered nurse graduates and he has been doing that for a few years now," said Seth Wilson, Jeff's supervisor at The Medical Center.

While normally Jeff works with patient care in the ER his role recently changed due to COVID-19 but Jeff has made the most of it.

“I guess up until March I was still doing patient care and I have kind of stepped out of the role of patient care into more of a supportive role in the ER. Just to kind of minimize my exposure to possible COVID patients with my compromised immune system so you know again this is taking and just looking at being able to do work outside of that patient interactions and still benefit those patients,” added Corder.

Jeff also had to face a medical uphill battle himself but when he went into surgery months ago he was surrounded by co-workers, friends, and family who were full of love and support.

“I was diagnosed in January with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and so I had a biopsy and port placement. I guess prior to surgery there was probably about 70 I guess of my coworkers and family and friends that kind of came up to pray around me and just kind of be there for support which again is a little overwhelming and you know it just meant the world to me and my family,” added Corder.

Despite fighting his own battle he continues to help others get through theirs.

“He is the type of individual that most of us strive to be, extremely compassionate and caring and not only in a nursing aspect but in his everyday personal life he is the kind of guy not to sound cliche but he will give you the shirt off his back, that is one of the best ways to describe him. He just will put himself on hold and help build up the community or people in need,” added Wilson.

For his service to the Bowling Green community, we honor Jeff Corder as this week’s Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

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