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Football coaches planning for all possible outcomes leading up to the start of practice.
Bowling Green vs Warren Central FB 2019
Bowling Green vs Warren Central FB 2019(WBKO)
Published: Aug. 7, 2020 at 6:03 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Football coaches across the state of Kentucky are preparing for the start of fall practice on August 24, but what that will look like is still to be determined.

“We haven’t been told anything about whether we can go into our locker rooms or when our groups can begin to grow from those groups of 10,” said Mark Spader, Bowling Green’s head football coach. “So there’s still a lot of mystery and uncertainty out there, but at least we’re still talking about having a season.”

Teams are currently working out in groups of 10, under the guidelines of the KHSAA. Coaches have also divided players into different practice times to help keep down the number of athletes on campus. As the start date of practice draws near, coaches have created multiple practice plans for their teams based on the number of players allowed to attend each practice.

“We’ve thrown around some ideas of how we’re going to practice if we can only have 30 kids, if we can only have 40 kids, or we can only have 50 kids,” Spader said. “If they’re going to allow us to progress and put some constraints on us we want to be prepared and ready to go.”

Logan County’s head football coach, Todd Adler, said he and his players will be ready for whatever guidelines the KHSAA puts in place for fall practice.

“We’ll read the rules, try to make an interpretation of them, check with the athletic director and health department to make sure we’re abiding by them,” Adler said. “We’ll just have to see the rules and be ready to play by them at any time.”

Spader said he keeps reminding his players and staff that this season will not be like years past, it will be different.

“This is not 2019, it’s not 2021,” Spader said. “This is 2020, things are a little different.”

Spader and Adler said there’s a feeling of ready, set, wait. Prepare as best you can and then hope everyone goes according to plan.

“At least they’re still talking about us having a season,” Spader said.

“We’re anticipating the 24th,” Adler said. “We’re hoping nothing changes and we can get set and go, and try to get prepared to play September 11th.”

Even with the unknowns still looming, both coaches have said their players’ spirits have livened up since the season was given an official start date.

“Now the table’s set, it’s just a lot of hoping and praying that our senior class gets to have their 2020 season,” Spader said.

“We talk about it every day. If we have this energy every single day for practice, we can have a really really good year,” Adler said.

The KHSAA Board of Control will meet again on August 20 to further discuss the fall season and make any new decisions going forward.

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