A local mother and daughter go viral on Tik Tok

Published: Aug. 9, 2020 at 10:24 AM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -A mother and daughter have gone viral in Bowling green. The two use a popular social media app called Tik Tok to bring joy to others while staying healthy at home.

“We are not allowed out, we can’t go and mingle and have fun and joke around. With your family, you are with your family so when you are in your house you can make moments and memories now to create them for later and it is just an awesome app,” said Patricia Duncan, content creator.

While having over a million followers and hundreds of thousands of views they have grown in popularity just over a few short months and now are getting recognized out in public.

"This lady she just kind of started screaming a little bit and then she was like 'oh my gosh' and I thought something was wrong. Then she was like you are Patricia from Tik Tok and I was just like my heart. I was just like 'Yes you watch me?' and so we went to do one of those socially distant hugs you can do right now and it was crazy," added Patricia.

“It is mind-blowing, it is amazing because you are so used to just being at home by yourself and then when someone is like ‘oh my gosh’ you are Sunny Side and then you are like oh my gosh you know me,” said Whitney Strunk, content creator.

Tik Tok is not just an app for teenagers according to Patricia she added that anyone at any age can create content.

“Doing these Tik Tok dances and these trends like that is what we need in today because we cannot get out and make those smiles as we can in our own homes,” added Patricia

The mother-daughter duo is also hoping that Tik Tok will not get banned in the near future because it allows them to connect with people and bring people joy.

You can follow their Tik Tok accounts at patricia_marie1 and sunnyside_.

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