Parents react to plans for the upcoming school year

Published: Aug. 11, 2020 at 4:53 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -Monday Governor Andy Beshear recommended schools push back their in-person start dates until September 28th.

13 News spoke with parents across South Central Kentucky to see how they felt about the upcoming school year and whether their child will be attending school in-person or online.

One father in Glasgow argues that his son needs to be learning in-person because he is just beginning the foundation of his education as a first grader.

“You have got to be able to have a little bit of self-drive and with a 7 or 8-year-old child may be not up to 10 or 11. I would imagine it would be quite difficult to do it over the computer, I don’t think that you can keep a child’s attention span that long with a computer screen unless there are games on there but the older children I would imagine would have an easier time with that. But with these young kids they need to be in the classroom, they need to have teachers instructing them in person and I just feel that that is the best way they can learn,” said MacKay Dickerson, parent.

Also, working parents are now trying to figure out a solution if their child has to begin learning online.

“I would love to stay home I really would but things dictate that my wife and I both have to work so now we are scrambling to find a tutor. Our tax dollars are paying the educational system to teach our young. A lot of parents are going to have to ask grandparents who don’t need to be exposed to this to keep their children in some instances whereas other people may have to seek additional sitters or baby sitters or to educate their children on the work that is sent home,” added Dickerson.

According to one parent, her area is seeing a spike in positive cases in the town of Burkesville and although she is a working mom she has made the decision to keep her child at home to learn virtually for the time being.

“The numbers right here in Burkesville are surging we have seen a drastic increase in the cases that have become positive over the past few weeks and it has really alarmed me because my son he has asthma and we can’t always trust that the kids are healthy so I kind of decided to keep him home at least until the cases go down,” said Adrienne Vega, parent.

Parents for the upcoming school year were given the opportunity to choose to learn in-person or learning online, which Adrienne added was a challenge because she wants the best for her child.

“The biggest challenge for me is just trying to believe in myself to make sure he has proper education. I have a college education, I want to make sure that he has an opportunity at home to learn. Even though he is home I want him to be able to learn and meet those standards,” added Vega.

Adrienne also explained that if the number of positive cases declined in her area she would consider sending her child back to school.

“If I see the cases are leveling out and declining and I feel better about it, you know if there are fewer cases I will look into sending him but as of right now the cases are just soaring above what they were when school let out in the spring,” added Vega.

A mother of three has also made the difficult decision to have her children also attend school virtually for the time being.

“I just have the fear that you know if they go to school they are going to catch it. Even if they are wearing the mask, if they are 6 feet apart regardless they are in the same room. Not all children are going to want to keep the mask on the whole time that they are in school. They are going to remove it they are going to be told maybe a thousand times hey lets put our mask back on let’s keep it on. Kids are not going to want to do that basically. For me, it is just going to keep them safer at home,” said Amanda Varupa, parent.

Amanda added that having her kids do school virtually has not been the easiest journey.

“I am going to admit it has been kind of rough. My oldest is autistic and my middle child has ADHD so it has been kind of a struggle but again I feel like it just keeps them safer at home so I just deal with it. I give them breaks whenever they need it. I just say ‘you have got to get this done or you are going to get backed up in your homework.’ You have to do what you have to do basically,” added Varupa.

We will continue to bring the latest updates on in-person start dates for this fall as schools make their decisions for the upcoming school year.

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